Marketing, Technology and Small Times of Vulnerability

The spirit of this article is not provocative but realistic. Without wanting to be extremists, I’m saying that content marketing is losing some of its importance. Communication is becoming less content-centric and the care, management and strategic planning of the thing-say, the founding elements and constituents of any strategy are slowly falling apart, to give […]

business mentor

7 Ideas to find your ideal business mentor

If you are thinking of starting a business, be it a startup or a micro business. The best investment you can make is to spend time finding at least one business mentor. And you already created it and you’re thinking about how to grow your business, too! Mathematics does not fail 70% of businesses that […]

mobile phone

5 ways to make money with your mobile phone

Although almost always its benefits and benefits pay what it cost, the amount invested in your mobile phone can be large if we take into account the initial price of the device and monthly payments by contract with the operator. However, this equipment is so multi functional that it can even make you earn money.


Banquet Business:How to set up a banquet business

If you love gastronomy and enjoy cooking delicious dishes, you have certainly considered turning these activities into your way of life and setting up a banquet business, a type of business that has very diverse potential clients from couples or families to organizations and companies that demand a banquet service at your events. It is […]

reduce expenses

7 Tips to reduce expenses in entrepreneurship

In this article, we will give you 7 tips to reduce expenses in the venture. Lowering expenses when starting a business can make the difference between success and failure. Do you have little money to start an enterprise? Many times, people do not dare to start a business because they think they need a lot […]

business with your friends

5 Tips before setting up a business with your friends

Starting a business with your friends can be a great success, but it comes with special complications. When you are starting a business you want co-founders to push you, to make you nervous-the kind of person who has an intelligence and motivation that makes you feel like you have to work beyond your limits to […]

market study

How to do a market study for your new business idea

Learning how to do a market study is a fundamental step when it comes to defining if your business idea will be successful or not. Are you one of those who thinks that your business idea is unique? Are you convinced that never before, to anyone, had that great idea occurred to him? Or, that […]

innovative ideas

5 Ways to never let your innovative ideas escape

I have been in the world of entrepreneurship for more than 5 years, I have spoken with dozens of people who have innovative ideas and do not know how to start. For this reason, I want to give you some practical tips to execute your goals.

start your business

The 5 easiest ways to start your business

Start your business can become discouraging. Perhaps the need for capital, permits, staff, and many other things discourage your entrepreneurial spirit a little; However, keep in mind that there are many companies that were created from a garage, by a single person, and with little capital.

currency exchange

10 ways to get the best offer in the currency exchange

Do you again travel to a destination where you cannot pay in Euros? Make it not a problem thanks to these tips to get the best currency exchange for your money. You have saved money on flights and in your hotel room by booking through online and now you need the last detail to start […]

business ideas without money

10 Business ideas without money that you can start today

If you have ever used the excuse of “I do not have money not to start a business”. This article with business ideas without money that you can start is for you (explorer of excuses!). Once you know these business ideas without money, you will convince yourself that beyond needing capital to start , what […]