Marketing, Technology and Small Times of Vulnerability

The spirit of this article is not provocative but realistic. Without wanting to be extremists, I’m saying that content marketing is losing some of its importance. Communication is becoming less content-centric and the care, management and strategic planning of the thing-say, the founding elements and constituents of any strategy are slowly falling apart, to give […]

human resources

5 Mistakes that SMEs make in their human resources management

As a business owner, you have the challenge of taking on different responsibilities on a daily basis. Owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) usually have to perform multiple functions, from the accounting of the company to the management of human resources. Whether you are the person in charge of this field or delegate it […]

t-shirt design business

5 Best tips to launch your T-shirt design business

In recent years, the spread of the t-shirt, a garment increasingly loved all over the world, has gone hand in hand with the proliferation of original t-shirt design business online stores. This should not surprise you: after all, it is a growing sector even in this period of crisis. Launching an activity of this type […]

Small business ideas

8 Small business ideas for stay-at-home parents

Career or family? This is a tough dilemma that is eating away at many young parents. Returning to Point any employment center is not reassuring – both morally and financially – and leaving the home unattended is also not an option for obvious reasons. Fortunately, the expansion of the Web has opened up a wide […]

forex trading

Forex trading guide for beginners

The foreign exchange market, also called Forex or Forex trading, is a market on which it is really interesting to invest as an individual and which is addressed to all. But especially to people who have the experience or knowledge of real traders. So how does Forex really work for Dummies? This is what we […]



Your business is progressing, you have spent the different stages of the launch, the creation of a website, the prospection of customers, the launch of your product … However, you are looking for new ways to grow your business. Then comes the question of social networks, they are a great opportunity to develop your business, […]

viral marketing


All marketers dream of creating buzz with viral content. And for good reason, it is a very effective and economical way to publicize your brand, build a database or establish a special relationship with existing customers. Although some content becomes viral on a stroke of luck, a recent study has shown that viral content has […]

good business to start

Hairdressing salon is good business to start in your local area

To open a hairdressing salon, the possession of a diploma is necessary. Then, to concertize the project, it is necessary to realize a good business to start, to find a room and to arrange it, to choose a legal status, to carry out the formalities of creation and to conform to the regulation applicable to […]