Every day, there are people all over the world who have the dream of opening their own restaurant. They think “We will open our own restaurant, we will cook what we like, our grandmother’s recipes, we will spend time with our friends, it will be a global franchise and we will make a lot of money.” […]

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10 tips to improve your business productivity

How to improve the productivity of a company is the question that many entrepreneurs like you when they pass through their head thoughts such as: I cannot anymore I do not give. I work too much. The productivity, defined as the relationship between the resources that your company invests in its operation and the benefits you get […]


The growth and development of a company

Most organizations naturally want and need to grow and develop. However, not all have the facility to stay. Transcend the boundaries of time due to the intense competition that exists in the market. The impact of political, economic and social aspects or the deficient strategy and vision that is internally in the Own organization. Both the growth and […]


7 things you can understand if you misuse social networks

Misuse of social networks We are still surprised by the huge number of small and medium businesses that are in social networks “to be”. That is to say, they have an open account in the main social networks but they make a bad management of it or that they do not directly look at them. STAYING […]

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10 business ideas for teenager people

Are you a teenager interested in starting a business from home or high school? If YES, here are some business ideas for teens & young adults in 2017. Take advantage of your student or part-time position with these low investment models. 1. Sculptures made of recycled material Production and sale of decorative figures made with […]

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Few Profitable Business ideas for young entrepreneurs where you do not have to invest even 1 cent

If you have just finished school or college, now you are to be looking for a profitable business idea to start your life in the real world. It is incredible how many young entrepreneurs , like you, are emerging today because, let’s be honest, it is much more satisfying to be your own boss and the effort of your work does not take another. […]


27 Businesses you can start with little money

These ideas to undertake require relatively low capital to start and may be part-time ventures. Laura Cattano went from working in a restaurant to running her own business in less than a year and spent ‘almost nothing’ to start. What was the biggest cost of your startup? Changing your old computer and spending just over […]