innovative ideas

5 Ways to never let your innovative ideas escape

I have been in the world of entrepreneurship for more than 5 years, I have spoken with dozens of people who have innovative ideas and do not know how to start. For this reason, I want to give you some practical tips to execute your goals.

human resources

5 Mistakes that SMEs make in their human resources management

As a business owner, you have the challenge of taking on different responsibilities on a daily basis. Owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) usually have to perform multiple functions, from the accounting of the company to the management of human resources. Whether you are the person in charge of this field or delegate it […]


The company is an entity that by itself can never reach its objectives since it always needs people who help it to reach its goals. The company needs people to function normally, but if you want to work in an excellent way these people need to be motivated. Therefore, it is in the employee’s motivation where […]