viral marketing


All marketers dream of creating buzz with viral content. And for good reason, it is a very effective and economical way to publicize your brand, build a database or establish a special relationship with existing customers. Although some content becomes viral on a stroke of luck, a recent study has shown that viral content has […]

good business to start

Hairdressing salon is good business to start in your local area

To open a hairdressing salon, the possession of a diploma is necessary. Then, to concertize the project, it is necessary to realize a good business to start, to find a room and to arrange it, to choose a legal status, to carry out the formalities of creation and to conform to the regulation applicable to […]

Underlying Tensions of Small Business vs. Corporations

The goal of every small business is to grow up to be a big business someday. Until that time comes the relationship between a small business and a large corporation can be rather strained. Big businesses tend to dominate the marketplace, making it hard for small businesses competing with the big guys. This can lead to uncertainty […]

Marketing, Technology and Small Times of Vulnerability

The spirit of this article is not provocative but realistic. Without wanting to be extremists, I’m saying that content marketing is losing some of its importance. Communication is becoming less content-centric and the care, management and strategic planning of the thing-say, the founding elements and constituents of any strategy are slowly falling apart, to give […]


What to consider before buying a new Smartphone 

What should you keep in mind when launching a new Smartphone ? The election of a new Smartphone is a thoughtful process that evaluates a number of things. It is not only a question of price, but also of real usefulness of the product in the day to day. In this article I will tell you some details to consider before choosing your new inseparable […]

Belgian hospitals introduce robot receptionists

As the world becomes increasingly automated and Artificial Intelligence becomes more prevalent, we’ll soon find that robots are taking over tasks that were previously performed by humans. This has already happened in some parts of the world in a rudimentary fashion, and now two Belgian hospitals have introduced a new electronic member to their staff. […]