5G Network: What it is? What opportunities it offers for the business?

5G Network: What it is? What opportunities it offers for the business?

The spread of the 5G network, expected approximately by 2022, will constitute a real global revolution: it is estimated that the new mobile technology can generate an economic impact of about 251 billion dollars by 2025 with an average annual growth rate of 97 % and that about 40% of the world population will use IoT devices with 5G connection.

These are the numbers that emerged from the latest Ericsson Mobility Report and the most recent Netscribes research: such growth is justified by the fact that the 5G network will represent much more than a technological connection, it will influence, in fact, different socio-economic areas and give life to a wholly connected company.

The new technological connection will allow the concrete realization of some already known projects: Smart City, Smart Home, cars with autonomous driving and artificial intelligence business revolution will become an integral part of our everyday life.

The 5G network will be able to redefine the role of the connection in the global society: the speed of data transmission and the minimization of latency times (time elapsed between transmission and reception of a signal) will constitute the new foundations of the sectors of productivity and sustainability. Each device connected with a 5G network can use a connection speed of around 50 Megabits per second with a maximum latency of around 1 millisecond (the current 4G-Lte transmits signals with a minimum latency of 20 milliseconds).

5G network: What is it? What are its characteristics?

The acronym 5G, as for the previous standard connections, means “5th generation”: the 5G network is therefore simply the fifth generation connection that follows the already known 2G, 3G and 4G.

The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance generically defines the 5G network as a connection technology that has the following features …

  • Very low latency time, even less than 1 millisecond;
  • Very high connectivity density with about 1 million devices per Km2;
  • Connection speed of tens of Megabits per second;
  • Throughput, or amplified transmission capacity with high reliability;
  • Spectral efficiency extended to the entire frequency spectrum.

5G Network

5G network and business: The impact on economic sectors

The exceptionally innovative nature of the 5G network will allow the new connection system to generate a positive and revolutionary impact within all economic and commercial sectors of the modern market. The American research and development company Qualcomm estimates, in fact, that by 2035 the volume of business generated by the new technological network will amount to about 12.3 trillion dollars.

The 5G network will not only involve a technological and IT revolution: the new connection will be the basis for the development of innovative applications and systems aimed at modifying and optimizing production processes and final services for consumers.

Let’s find out which business sectors are the protagonists of the economic revolution triggered by the arrival of the 5G network …

Health and wellness

In order to guarantee in-depth diagnostic techniques and advanced therapies, the medical sector must be able to develop new techniques for interacting with patients: it is essential to develop an innovative action network that makes it possible to reach the patient immediately at any time and in any place. The 5G connection system will allow active interactions between doctors and patients in order to optimize prevention and treatment processes. The 5G network will also allow the medical sector to use tools such as augmented reality and virtual reality to develop diagnostic results in real time.

Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent environments

The Internet of Things sector, which includes all applications of environmental intelligence such as Smart Home and Smart City, is currently characterized by some connectivity problems that do not allow the total efficiency of artificial intelligence. The signal transmission speed that characterizes the new 5G network will greatly optimize IoT applications: the new technology will allow, in fact, the interaction of a much higher number of devices and will use for the first time an autonomous and line-free signal fixed. Through the use of the 5G network it will also be possible to make Smart Home and Smart City an integral part of our daily lives:


The agriculture sector will be radically revolutionized by the arrival of the 5G network: thanks to the “massive IoT” strategies, in fact, it will be possible to generate a smart agrifood system by monitoring the plantations and constantly visualizing the degree of ripeness of the crops. The new connection will be an indispensable tool to reduce costs to a minimum, decrease the environmental impact and optimize food safety. The 5G technology will also allow the development of new practical solutions such as Agricultural Drones, which is tools that, through the application of specific algorithms, will independently identify the optimal areas to create new plantations.

Social networks and entertainment

The exceptional responsiveness of the 5G network will bring significant improvements to the world of entertainment and to the social sector: thanks to an extremely broadband connection it will be possible, in fact, to record a significant increase in the sharing of mass applications and immediate interaction on platforms company.

Industry and logistics

The arrival of the 5G network will finally make the automation processes for industrial production totally efficient and qualified: the use of artificial intelligence systems within the industrial sector will allow the coordination of a large number of machines in an extremely short time and to optimize production volumes and quality. Also in the logistics sector there are important innovations: by using the new connection it will be possible, in fact, to program devices and robots capable of delivering autonomously


The automotive sector will surely be one of the great protagonists of the 5G revolution. The first objective to be achieved concerns the safety of motor vehicles: with the transmission of signals in real time it will be possible to set optimized safety measures, making cars able to travel autonomously and consequently preventing potential driving problems. Another important goal that the automotive sector can achieve with the use of the new connection concerns the reduction of atmospheric pollution produced by vehicles: the continuous evolution of the IoT may, in fact, always favor the creation and use of innovative materials more sustainable and less harmful to the environment.

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