10 business ideas for teenager people

10 business ideas for teenager people

Are you a teenager interested in starting a business from home or high school? If YES, here are some business ideas for teens & young adults in 2017.

Take advantage of your student or part-time position with these low investment models.

Business Model

1. Sculptures made of recycled material


Production and sale of decorative figures made with waste material.Get in the junkyard or between old iron vendors pieces of metal that you can convert into sculptures. Make them yourself and be a supplier for decoration shops. A gallery on the Web is a great way to get you started.

2. The super door-to-door


Delivery of the pantry at home. This service saves the time invested in going to the supermarket. Receive the orders over the phone and through a website. Make delivery efficient by planning routes based on orders.

Your profit is in the margin that you leave the wholesaler and the commission that you charge for the delivery. The cost per home delivery of the main commercial chains that give this service varies in a range of between $ 50 and $ 100.

3. Sandwiches at home


Sale and distribution of sandwiches in universities and work centers. It includes varied ingredients that your customers can order according to their taste: the more customizable, the better. Operates the business from a point near a corporate or student area and takes orders over the phone.

Healthy fast food has a high potential, as six out of 10 people in the country try to lose weight, according to the latest Healthy Food and Labels and Nutrition Information survey published by Nielsen.

4. Sale of textbooks

Text Book

Purchase and sale of university textbooks. It acquires bibliography that will not use in subsequent semesters the members of a student community, but that do require students that soon will study those subjects. Your business is to offer material in good condition at prices lower than those of bookstores.

Circle posters on the local university campuses and turn your catalog into social networks. Your potential market is more than three million students of higher education in the country, according to estimates of the Ministry of Public Education.

5. Make-up at home

Make Up

Make-up service for celebrations like weddings or XV years. Promote yourself through social networks like Facebook or Pinterest -red popular among brides and women about to be protagonists of a forthcoming celebration-, where potential customers find your ad relevant and can see samples of your work. In this case, the photos are essential.

6. Designated Driver


Private transportation service. Your clientele can be: people who like to take their car when they go out partying; Or bars and nightclubs. The former avoid unnecessary risks, while businesses stimulate consumption. Use a bank card terminal connected to your cell phone as a charging tool in case your customers do not carry cash.

7. Rental of furniture for events

Rental Furniture

Rental furniture for events. Get an inventory, lighting systems, a storage location and transportation vehicle. Post your services and photos of furniture on a website and distribute business cards among those attending the events where you are required.

The middle class does not pay for expenses if it is a party: for some fifteen years the budget exceeds $ 70,000, while for a wedding with 200 guests the figure amounts to more than $ 250,000.

8. Sale of salads


Commercialization of salads to the taste of the client. It creates a standard menu, acquires the necessary supplies to the wholesale and develops a system that allows to choose each ingredient. Take surveys to include new recipes.

Promote yourself in gyms or in social networks dedicated to exercises and nutrition. You can establish a mobile point of sale or delivery area in commercial areas or offices.

9. Marketing of mobile technology


Acquire and sell smartphones and tablets already used, complete or in parts. Get an adequate volume of used mobile devices – in good or bad condition – market them online and offer spare parts to mobile repair sites. Sell ​​by means of Free Market and associate to resale pages.

Your profit comes from the margin between the purchase price of the appliances and the resale.

10. Weekend trips


Design and marketing of packages for excursions. The volume of customers for a leisure trip allows negotiate discounted rates for transportation and stay. You can advertise in places like universities where people travel with limited budgets. Charge a reservation advance with bank transfer and receive the rest on the day of departure.


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