Your Drains in the Summer – Potential Problems and the Best time for Drain Maintenance

Your Drains in the Summer – Potential Problems and the Best time for Drain Maintenance

Summer is here and now is the time to make the most of the beautiful weather. Whether you want to chill out in the garden, fill the paddling pool, or go on a camping holiday in the UK, summer is the time to enjoy the outdoors.

However, something to be aware of in the summer are your drains. The good weather is something that many of us enjoy, but it can cause problems for your drains.

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Drain Problems Caused by Hot Weather

The hot weather causes many drain problems. The increased pressure on your pipes from paddling pools, watering the garden and using hose pipes and sprinkler systems, as well as all those showers that you take when the weather is hot, and sticky can cause pipes to leak. This is something that if left, can worsen and cause flooding and damage to your property.

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Another summer drain problem is blockages and damage to the drain caused by the roots of trees. As the roots seek water underground, they naturally head for drains and pipes as they are damp, especially in longer periods of warm weather when the ground has dried out. If you have tree roots in your drains, you will need a professional like this CCTV drainage surveys company to come and repair it for you.

Why Summer is a Good Time for Drain Maintenance and Repairs

If you want to have maintenance work and repairs done to your drains, this is the best time of the year to do this. Rain and cold can make doing work to drains harder, and delay it, so the sunnier days mean that it is much better to have work done on your drains. It can also mean that problems that can arise in the summer like bad smells coming from drains get dealt with, and your drains are ready to take on the autumn and winter. Having work done at this time of the year can help you to get on top of any potential drainage issues before they become too much of a problem for you. This means that you will have less disruption in the long term, and you can rest assured that your drains can cope with the coming months.


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