Social media as a marketing tool ‒ tips for success

Social media as a marketing tool ‒ tips for success

Social media is an inescapable part of life and there are few areas into which its tendrils do not extend, both in personal and commercial capacities. A Cheltenham PR Agency takes social media into account and target group provide pr in cheltenham which can be a major benefit from a marketing perspective. These agencies can help you to build a holistic approach to your marketing and PR and will incorporate social media into this for you.

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Some of the biggest firms in the world, including German car maker Audi, are in the process of realigning their marketing strategies to leverage the power of social media in a positive fashion, but how can smaller firms make social media work for them and are there any things to avoid as the social platform journey unfolds?

Engagement leads to understanding

The first rule of using social media for marketing purposes is to ensure that your brand retains a consistent tone of voice, although in the early stages it is still a good idea to be willing to adjust your approach if it turns out that something is not working out as intended. This can be best looked at after running an audit on how your social media platforms and posts on each are performing.

You may find, for example, that your target audience responds more readily to a bespoke approach to engagement, taking into account their location, background and cultural experiences as opposed to a more universal yet ultimately bland alternative.

Monitor analytics

Getting started with a branded social media account is easy, but actually being able to perfect its performance as a marketing tool is difficult. This is something that even the largest companies with the most followers across services such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are finding harder and harder to do.

To work out why posts are being ignored by all but the minority of followers and to turn this around, thus improving the marketing impact of social media activities, it is important to turn to analytical data that is readily available.

Seeing who engages with a tweet, Vine clip or Instagram posting, in addition to how widely it is being viewed in the first place, will help to pinpoint exactly how much influence your brand holds and which types of content are generating the most interest.

Social media is quickly becoming something that businesses cannot ignore, but it is only effective as a marketing tool if steps are taken to optimise its use.


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