The effects of technology on interactions with the police

Chapter 8 Chevrons are used for many vehicles including law enforcement cars. They are needed in large quantities for the police force and can be purchased through many websites. A good choice for good chevron kits would be Law enforcement use chevrons on their vehicles for safety reasons and visibility. Some police vehicles remain anonymous and do not have chevrons on the outside, but the vast majority do, making them easy to distinguish.

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The police have gained a lot of attention in the past decade and especially in the past few years due to their interaction with civilians. Police in the US have especially gathered a lot of negative attention and scrutiny due to countless racist attacks on people. These incidents of police brutality hare understood to have been happening for a long time but have become more visible due to the sharing of information on the internet and the common use of smartphones. This is a great advantage for any victims who need evidence in order to ensure justice is served. Many police officers also wear bodycams which hold them accountable for the work they do and the procedures they follow. Although not every interaction is recorded, they ones that are can then be used by lawyers when court procedures are occurring. These are examples of how technology has changed the relationship between the police and citizens.

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