Organising your reception area

When it comes to having a reception area in your business it is important that this is organised and tidy. It is the first space that most of your visitors, including the Same Day Courier that you use for your deliveries, like You will want them all to see your business in the best possible light.

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Here are some tips to help you get started with your reception space.

Desk – makes sure that your receptionist has somewhere functionable to sit and work. This will mean giving them a desk that they can sit behind when they greet your visitors. The desk should be big enough to also house a computer that they can work from when the reception space is quiet.

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Parcel space – if you have a courier or postman come into your office on a regular or daily basis you might want to have an area of your reception where staff  members can leave their items ready for you to process. You can then have a separate area of the reception where the parcels and post ready for collection can be left. This can help speed up collection as the delivery driver can collect the items, even if you are busy with visitors.

Seats – your visitors are likely to be spending some time in your reception area, especially if they are waiting for staff members to come and collect them for meetings. This is why it is a good idea to have some nice seats avai;able for them to relax in .

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