Business Travel Do’s and Don’ts

Business Travel Do’s and Don’ts

Making a corporate trip requires certain standards and travel etiquettes. Whether a college grandaunt that have just landed a new job or a regular business traveler, it is quite easy to find oneself missing to do or doing certain uncalled for things. A business travel differs from a college road trip, the traveler is expected to represent the company positively every step one makes.

Read on to learn the Dos and Don’ts of a business trip:

What to Pack for the Trip 

Some of the items required for a business trip include business cards; will be necessary for networking opportunity. Also, pack a power outfit, a suit is more suitable. Do not carry along foodstuff, gaming types of machinery, or a pet. Depending on the nature of the business to be accomplished, chose the right communication devices, a mobile phone, laptop, and others.

The Attire

It is an abomination setting off a business journey with a pair of shorts or casual dressing code. One represents the business right from the time of leaving the house, at the local airport and until that when you are back; it is the company that pays the meals, and all other bills. People ignore this, but those who have met clients or company executive while on a business trip on casual attire can attest to how the situation turns out unprofessional.

Compact Package 

It is advisable to carry only what one needs in one compact bag. Don’t go carrying several suitcases with personal regalia that are not necessary for the trip. It’s not a good idea losing a package that may be essential during the presentation. Let it be sizeable, not very large and not very small, should be enough to carry along the laptop, shoes, and additional clothing for exchange.

Do not take Alcohol or Alcoholic Beverages 

When one arrives at the destination, it’s a new world away from all those watchers. Having a new freedom and the exhaustion after travel may attempt many to go for one or two drinks but end up drowning. Do not take alcohol before fulfilling the business purpose, it wears one out and may not represent as expected the following day or may totally not attend the business occasion.

Credit Card 

Depending on the company, sometimes funds are provided for travel through a corporate card. Other companies expect the traveler to use a personal credit card then the money is reimbursed. Do not overspend when under control of travel expenditure. Be rational, just spend what is sufficient, it portrays a bad picture eating more than you could have done when the bill is for you.

Travel Recap and Expense Report Submission 

Even when it is not required, prepare a recap presentation. PowerPoint slides are good at summarizing the travel goals, outcomes, and other steps. Submit the report almost immediately upon arriving back, this may also help in quick reimbursement. Just ensure that the expenses are on track.

These are some of the basic Don’ts and Dos of a business travel. Just keep it simple and professional, only do what is required and all will be well. Make sure to keep your turkey travel visa ready while preparing for your next big business travel appointment.


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