Personal Branding? You’re doing it wrong!

Personal Branding? You’re doing it wrong!

The concept of Personal Branding has a very precise meaning, but I think there are so many people today to abuse it, making it go through an activity that everyone is capable of doing: just a good site, a logo, a LinkedIn profile and, at most, an active mailing list.

The truth is that underneath there is much more than some active channel. The word Personal is linked to the word Persona, and this concept has never been so current. Today, people rely mainly on other people, rather than idealized brands that we only know are “market leaders”.

Are you investing properly in yourself?

For many people setting up on their own is a leap in the dark, and today I think it is even more difficult than a few years ago. It is not enough to open a VAT number, you must also know how to support it economically, and bringing you the salary you need to live.

I happen to talk and meet people who choose to take the path of the freelancer for various reasons: there are those who are trying to get back into the game following the dismissal by the company in which he has been working for a lifetime, but there is even those who feel bold and want to be a freelance driven by the desire to be able to choose where and how much to work, without limits.

Personal Branding

And yet, for many of these people, despite the incredible efforts to produce content, study every day and always look for new collaborations, it seems impossible to emerge.

In light of the facts they seem very good, they do everything they need, and they follow precise and valid marketing logic, the very ones that are constantly promoted by the industry gurus.

But then, in fact, they don’t even close a contract or see the acceptance of a noteworthy quote.

And then the question we ask ourselves is:

What am I doing wrong? I read that personal branding is important and I’m doing it, I’m investing time and money on myself, I move constantly, but I have no results.

The answer, in my opinion, is called Perception.

The word Perception means “an act by which one acquires the awareness and the knowledge of an external reality through the senses.”

In fact, it is what is perceived by us and our business that can make the difference.

Remember well: Personal Branding is not simply having a nice site, a logo and some social channel more or less active!

To better understand everything, I ask you 3 questions …

1) Do you know who you are talking to? Do you have a specific Person Buyer in mind that could follow your advice?

If you are not able to answer this question, then you start to feel bad right away. If you know who you are talking to, you can even put yourself in his shoes or make him identify with what you are telling.

You need to create an audience, made up of people who feel precise emotions in reading what you write or in listening to your podcasts or, again, watching your video.

Before you do play I will tell you that this is my first unofficial video on my YouTube channel, dedicated to the life of a freelancer. Please have pity on my mistakes and my “awkwardness” (word just invented).

2) Do you know who you are? Are you really sure you know what you are? You can’t improvise expert in something if, until yesterday, you were doing anything else.

Let’s say you worked as a truck driver for 30 years and now you decide to start your own business, becoming a professional photographer within 2 months, perhaps following a simple online course.

How is it possible that with a mini $100 course you can learn everything you need to become an established and competent professional?

It would be different if you have cultivated a passion for photography as a hobby for 30 years, parallel to your main work, so you will surely have something to tell, with a noteworthy background that will help you to emerge without problems.

3) Do you know what your style is? Are you copying the equal of your competitor or have you created your niche and your personality has conformed to it?

Remember that there are thousands of people doing the same things you do and offering the same services as you: what makes you different from them? What can you give your audience of unique and valuable?

In all this you also need to know how to maintain a constant and consistent contact with those who decide to follow you. Obviously it depends on the sector and the objectives of your business because, as we have already seen in this article dedicated to the marketing plan, there is no ideal strategy that is valid for everyone, but everyone has his own and must be studied and thought before putting it into practice.

OK, for today it’s more than enough!


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