What is a letting agent?

What is a letting agent?

Renting houses continues to grow steadily, and the rising cost of purchasing a home has a continued positive effect on the market. The majority of people begin their adult life renting some type of property before moving on to a larger property or purchasing their first home.

A Letting Agency Gloucester can help couples, individuals and families to find their perfect rental property as well as helping landlords to let their property and also deal with any of the day to day management issues that may occur. For a Letting Agency Gloucester, contact TGRES.

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What are the responsibilities of letting agents?

While letting agents work on behalf of landlords, the landlord is ultimately responsible for making sure that all legal requirements are met. This includes both the letting of the property and any safety and health requirements. The landlord appoints the letting agents and they act in their best interest. This does not mean that the agents are uncaring or ignore tenants. Agents are often the ones who end up being mediators for any disputes between landlord and tenant.

General responsibilities for letting agents include being a member and adhering to the code of conduct of a regulated body, which means providing a fair service. The letting agent will provide advice on tenancy contracts, landlord legal obligations, and the best practices. You may be able to find tenants or have the agency manage the entire letting process.

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Find Tenants

The agency must take the responsibility to find tenants for the property of the landlord. This will require advertising both online and in print. In order to advertise, the agency will take pictures of the property as well as write a brief synopsis. After registering their interest, the agent will take prospective tenants to view the property. They will also arrange for tenancy contracts to be written and signed and to carry out credit and reference checks. The agent will carry out an inventory of all items and check the condition of the property, including any decorations.

Full Control

It includes the entire process of finding a new tenant, as well as being the main point of contact with the tenant in the event of any problems. If the heating system stops working, the tenant will contact the agent. The agent will then speak with the landlord to arrange any engineers to visit the property and deal with the problem.


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