How to Become Better at Business Communication

When working with your employees, you need to be able to communicate with them effectively. There are many ways to improve communication skills, including taking the time to listen and understand what the other person has to say. Many business relationships have unspoken rules with assumptions at the core, which can lead to misunderstandings and troublesome situations. However, effective communication can help bring about positive change and increase employee engagement. To do so, you must develop an open mindset and believe that change is possible.

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One way to improve your business communication skills is to ask for feedback. Most people are learning by experiencing new things, so make it a point to create a feedback system. This process can be as simple as a post-meeting survey or an in-person discussion with your team. It may also involve instituting an open-door policy that encourages employees to approach managers with any concerns or problems. By actively listening to the speaker, you will demonstrate an interest in their point of view. Consider investing in Train The Trainer Courses from a site like

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Another key to becoming better at business communication is to avoid jargon. While some buzzwords are helpful shorthand in the industry, too much of it can make a reader confused. Clear language never goes out of style. Developing a blacklist of words that you don’t use will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary words and phrases. It’s also important to avoid grandiose language. Some people make the mistake of thinking that big words show intelligence, when often it’s the opposite.


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