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We’ve all heard about the amazing capabilities of the internet, but did you know that there are quite a few fascinating internet facts? Did you know that the WWW was a concept started by Tim Berners-Lee? And that by 2030, there will be 125 million IoT devices in the world. That means that by the year 2030, there will be more than a hundred million devices that are controlled by robot minds? And did you know that one Google search consumes almost as much computing power as a crew of astronauts would use for an entire day?

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There are 640 million internet users in China – every fifth person on the planet has an online connection – and the first email was sent in 1978. The first webcam video was created in 1991 in the University of Cambridge to monitor a coffee pot, and it’s estimated that more than one petabyte of data is transmitted every day. In fact, only one third of internet traffic is generated by human searches, with the remainder being generated by bots and malware.

According to Google, one single search on the site uses at least 1,000 servers to retrieve a result in 0.2 of a second. That’s around 13,000 times faster than the average American’s internet speed! The original Space Jam website is still live! And, it would take 11 trillion years to download the entire internet using fibre-optic speeds! As far as the world wide web is concerned, there are many fascinating facts that you should know about. If you need Web Design Gloucester, go to https://www.absolutecreativemarketing.co.uk/

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While we’ve been accustomed to our mobile devices connecting us to the internet, many people do not know that the first internet phone was developed in Finland in 1996. At that time, internet speeds were still far slower than dial-up! And, until 1995, the first commercial internet use options were limited. Dial-up required a landline or phone line to connect and also meant you couldn’t use the telephone while connected!

As far as geographic location goes, Asia has the largest population. Over 2.8 billion people use the internet in their daily lives. Europe, on the other hand, has the lowest internet penetration rate: just 700 million people. In terms of age, the internet has become an essential tool in today’s world. With its easy availability, it’s no surprise that being online has become the most widely used medium in the world. The fact that a billion people use the internet globally is pretty staggering.


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