Protect your Plumbing in the Cold Weather

Protect your Plumbing in the Cold Weather

The cold weather like the chill that set into the UK through the middle of December can make life hard in many ways. From travelling to keeping warm, there are lots of problems that the cold can bring. Drains are also something that can be negatively impacted by the cold.

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The plumbing of our homes is important for keeping us healthy, whether that is the heating pipes that carry the warmth to our taps and radiators or the drainage pipes that remove the dirty wastewater from our homes. However, the cold can cause issues for them – here are some tips to help you to reduce the risks to your plumbing in the cold weather…

Have your boiler serviced – Having your boiler checked in the winter can help any problems to be spotted and repaired early, so you are less likely to have a heating breakdown in the cold when you least want it to happen!

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If you have pipes that are not properly insulated, now is the time to get them ready for the cold. You can buy pipe insulation yourself from DIY stores to do this, which will help protect pipes.

As well as checking the heating, you should also check your drains. Get a professional like this drain lining Windsor based company to check the drains around your home are in good working order.

If you have a hose pipe attached to your outdoor tap, take it off. The water in the hose can freeze, leading to problems in the pipe.


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