Ways to practice your public speaking

Public speaking is often seen as an art form, but it is, in fact, a skill that you can learn and master. There are lots of ways that you can do this, but one of the best options is to attend some Public speaking courses like the ones that are offered by companies like the College of Public Speaking. These courses are run by professionals who can share the best techniques for public speaking and can give you tips to help with building your confidence. One of the best ways to improve your confidence and your public speaking, in general, is to practice, and there are a number of ways that you can do this.

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Self-talk – when it comes to remembering a new speech, one of the best ways to practice is by either talking to yourself in a mirror or by finding times where you can repeat your speech to yourself over and over again. This will give you the chance to practice any pauses that you want to put in your speech and to look at your facial expressions as well.

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Family and friends – once you have memorised your speech, it can be useful to practice it with family and friends. You can ask them for feedback on whether you were talking too fast or too slow and whether you are delivering the speech in the right way.

Rehearsal – where you are able to practice your speech in the location where you will be delivering it live; it is worth taking up this opportunity. This allows you to understand the acoustics of where you are speaking and to also practice with any equipment that you may need, such as projectors and microphones.

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