10 Reasons why your business grows with social networks

10 Reasons why your business grows with social networks

Who does not have a presence in social networks, does not exist or at least, cancels many of their chances of growing and satisfying their audience. We debunk its importance in this article.

Social networks are fantastic ways to grow your business in a natural, dynamic way, with lower associated costs than other advertising activities and the possibility of receiving valuable feedback from users.

10 keys for your business to succeed thanks to social channels

1. Social networks are like the word of mouth of the network

social networks

As in a schoolyard, the recommendations and the generated virality of acquaintances, friends, and employees around them exponentially multiply the possibilities that your business reaches as far as possible.

2. Consumers increasingly use social networks

More than two-thirds of adults use them to find out about the companies and products they want to acquire. Thus, for most small companies, Facebook is the starting point to start your marketing strategy in a profitable and effective way.

3. Advertising campaigns on social networks are economic

As social networks add more algorithms that filter what users see in their news sources, the more complicated is the expansion of organic content. However, campaigns on networks such as Twitter or Facebook are low cost.

4. Repercussion positively in the SEO

social networks

Almost all your activity in the network effects to a lesser or greater extent your positioning in search engines, so that through optimized content, regular and quality, you will not need to invest a large sum to increase your audience.

5. They reach all ages

The use of social networks, although it is greater in the youngest, is extended by all demographic layers and also increases every year, making content marketing the best strategy to sell and retain to your target

6. Facilitate two-way communication

Social media gives you the power to learn and expand information about your audience and your interests. You can conduct surveys, generate debates, ask them to contribute ideas and generate valuable feedback about your experience with your company. Thus, the two parties will come out winning.

7. Your followers receive content constantly

social networks

Ads from traditional media such as television or the press always show the same content, purely promotional and commercial, while social networks enrich users with original content, useful, fun or curious that generates true interest in the users. You may also learn more tips about for your content marketing world.

8. They allow you to create events and retransmit them or cover them live

Thanks to tools such as Snapchat’s own social network, Twitter’s Periscope or Facebook Live Video. Thus, you have the opportunity to directly witness what they tell about your brand, correct errors, request opinions and monitor your public appearances.

9. They constitute efficient channels for a good customer service

Having the customer happy is a priority for any business. And social networks allow us to delve into this satisfaction by providing original content and transcending geographic and temporal barriers.

10. Positively impact your email marketing strategy

social networks

Social networks can get more subscribers for your newsletters, improving this strategy as one of the cornerstones of your communication plan. In networks like Facebook, you can also include a button to join your mailing list.

We hope now you know how to use social networks to grow your business day by day. And increase your customer relation, and show your business and new product every door.

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