5 Best tips to launch your T-shirt design business

5 Best tips to launch your T-shirt design business

In recent years, the spread of the t-shirt, a garment increasingly loved all over the world, has gone hand in hand with the proliferation of original t-shirt design business online stores. This should not surprise you: after all, it is a growing sector even in this period of crisis. Launching an activity of this type requires limited investments and allows to pass very quickly from conceptualization to sale. If you have artistic talent or a passion for graphics, the t-shirt can be a means to explore your creativity.

Before launching into this business, however, it is good to prepare properly. The initial investment, even if not huge, must be carefully evaluated if you want to avoid the risk of finding yourself short of resources (time and money) in the middle of the ford. For example, many online stores, despite a good assortment of good products, underestimate the diligent and continuous marketing efforts necessary to make any business take off. The competition is finally thick and fierce, so gather your strength before throwing yourself into the fray!

Since we at Web2 PrintFacile believe that knowledge is the best weapon, we have collected for you some of the most interesting articles on how to successfully start an online t-shirt design business. Written by experts who have successfully faced the same challenges you are preparing to deal with. These people worked, they were wrong, they fell, they got up and finally, they were successful. A good practice is learned, but it is always better to learn from the mistakes of others than from their own!

1) How to start a T-shirt design business

t-shirt design businessThat’s what you’re doing right now! Planning and documenting is a crucial part of working to launch a t-shirt design business. Check your competitors, see if anyone is doing what you want to do. Is there enough market to sell your t-shirts? On which t-shirt models will you print? What is your market segment? How will you bring traffic to your site? Do you want to sell during exhibitions or events? There are many questions you will have to answer and you need to plan and document your t-shirt design business to be successful. Not having plans and setting goals is like going on a journey without a map. It will be very hard to get to your destination if you do not know how to get there.

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2) Tips to launch your T-shirt business

Since 2008 T-shirt Magazine offers news, interviews, and insights on the world of t-shirts.

The top advice of T-shirt Magazine: Create products that the public really wants to buy

This passage should be obvious, but some of the t-shirts you can find these days would surprise you. Check the quality of your t-shirts making you give honest opinions from others, preferably from people who belong to your target.

3) How to start an online T-shirt design business: the Definitive Guide

The title “Definitive Guide” may seem a bit arrogant. However, this vademecum by Richard Lazazzera, from the Canadian e-commerce company Shopify, is a truly remarkable and comprehensive resource.

t-shirt design businessA strong and interesting brand is of vital importance in the t-shirt industry. Your brand is a promise that holds all your choices together, including your niche, your designs, and your quality. Building a unique and enjoyable brand is important for the company in a highly competitive sector. When customers have more choices, it becomes extremely important for an e-commerce business to have a well-characterized presence to capture customers’ attention.

4) Advice on how to start an online T-shirt design business

Personally, I think customer service is the most important thing. Response time is essential: when I have to wait days and days for an answer, I lose interest in the product and respect for the company. Make sure that customers feel they are important to you. I try to be as attentive as possible – I do not respond to emails only when I’m sleeping (which makes my friends angry and will make your friends angry too). Remember: the customer is the most important thing and he is always right. Any negative opinion that the customer spreads could put a brake on your success. Activate email notifications on your mobile phone, desktop or browser to stay updated on your mailbox. Reply to all the emails you have to answer and never be, never rude. Treat your customers how you would like to be treated. Remember that there will still be dissatisfied customers – learn to manage them. You can not delete your mistakes but you can learn from them.

5) Build a business with a T-shirt

The resources in the US on this topic, unfortunately, do not abound, even if we try to remedy this gap on the pages of our blog. For now, we present this article by Tiziana Tripepi for Millionaire. It’s more a collection of stories and narratives than a real guide, but it can still be a source of inspiration for you.

t-shirt design businessImpossible to talk about success stories in the field of t-shirt design business without naming Threadless, American store whose strength and uniqueness lies in the lively community of artists and designers who knew how to build.


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