5 Effective actions to motivate your sales team

5 Effective actions to motivate your sales team

I have worked for years and years in commercial teams and sales departments. Nowadays, some of the problems that existed at that time in terms of organization, leadership and motivation persist. But today I am going to talk to you about 5 simple and effective actions that you can implement in your business to motivate your sales team.

In companies of smaller size, it is usual for the general manager of the company to also take care of the management, coordination, supervision, and motivation of its salespeople. In larger companies, it is normal for the sales team to be led by a manager, several, and/or a commercial director. The truth is that I do not have magical powers, although I would like to, and I do not know what organizational structure you have in your company. But whatever it is,

I’m going to ask you some questions:

Have you ever encountered any of your saturated sellers? or what does not yield as much as you would like?

Do you usually have frequent visits to any of your commercials complaining more than usual?

Do you notice that some salesman of yours is discouraged to work?

Does a commercial arrive normally late or is their absenteeism high?

Is there anyone who shows little interest in the meetings or participates little in other activities that you organize? …

Well, I’m sure that with your years of experience and your clinical eye you can detect perfectly when one of your salespeople, or employees in general terms, is somewhat unmotivated. The point is that, whatever the structure and size of your company, there is a common element more common than we think: “the burden, stress, frustration, demotivation or whatever you want to call your sellers”. That is, the seller, the salesperson is a figure who tends to “burn”.

And this is not good for either the seller or the company. There are many reasons why the seller can be at low hours. Some of your problems will get out of hand, but there are others in which you can do something so that your commercial team, in general, is motivated, cohesive and enjoy the most of your work.

If all your employees work at ease, they are agile in their tasks and it seems that everything works correctly I have nothing left but to congratulate you and encourage you to continue doing that good job.

But whatever your case, whether there is a problem or not, you must take care of the motivation of your commercials.


There are many simple ways and actions to motivate your sales team, but today I would like to focus on 5 of them:

Provide the necessary tools to sell:

it is very easy to see the bulls from the barrier and that is a position that can often annoy and discourage your salespeople. I do not recommend that you take a passive attitude with your commercials and your only obsession is that they sell. You must provide them with everything they need to make a good sale. Thinking about the sales strategy that the commercial team should follow is yours or the commercial director’s responsibility. And to establish what steps they should take, what they should do and put at their disposal all that is necessary to complete the process of the sale successfully, is also yours.

Set realistic goals:

I do not know if someone has told you before, but … sometimes you spend with the goals you set them. I do not know if it is your case or not, but it is true that it is very common for commercials to have unattainable objectives. This is something that demotivates, and you can not imagine how your sellers. They start the race knowing that they will not reach the end. Set objectives with that point of ambition, motivation, but that are realistic and achievable.

Agree on the methodology to follow to achieve the objectives:

your salespeople are at the bottom of the canyon, they know what is going on out there Why not ask them and define the strategy to follow together with them?

Create personal goals related to work:

 you would be surprised at the effectiveness of this action when you put it into practice correctly. Try to relate what is what they can achieve in the work that helps them achieve an objective they have in their personal lives. Obviously, you must know your salespeople to know how to successfully take this aspect.


 the forgotten company … It can not be! Your commercials need to know, they need to learn more and more, more and more. And learning is something continuous. It does not help that every 3 years you send them to a workshop organized by the town hall of your town (all with affection eh… Training is essential and an element that provides great motivation to your salespeople.

And so far my contribution today. I am very convinced that you already apply concrete actions to motivate your sales team. Use the comments section that you will find below this post and tell me what are the actions you do in your company to motivate your sales team.

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