Five Benefits of Installing Racking in Your Van

Five Benefits of Installing Racking in Your Van

If you’re thinking about installing racking in your van, our advice would be: don’t just think about it – do it! Here are some of the benefits of racking.

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It Will Save You Time

No matter how good your intentions are when you get a new van, it soon fills up with more equipment and tools than you can neatly organise without some kind of racking system. If you’ve ever spent 20 minutes ransacking your van for an essential part or piece you know is there, only had to buy a replacement when you can’t find it, you will love the difference racking can make. No more rooting around under piles of cloths, boxes or papers – racking allows you to organise your van neatly and in a way that really works for you.

It Uses Space Efficiently

Racking enables you to make the most of every part of your van, meaning it might even be possible to use a smaller van than you originally thought possible. This saves you money on both your initial outlay and your running costs.

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It Looks Professional

You might not make a habit of inviting clients into your van, but if it’s parked in the street with the doors thrown open, people will see in. An unorganised, messy van doesn’t give out a good impression to current or prospective customers. Organised professional racking – such as Sortimo Van Racking – from a reputable supplier such as will make you look professional and reliable.

Along with keeping your van clean, installing racking and having a professionally painted logo and contact details on your van will present the image you want the outside world to see. Accessible Vans has some helpful tips on how to wash a commercial van, including how a wash mitt can save you time and deliver professional results.

Keep Your Tools Safe

If you don’t store your tools and equipment correctly, you run the risk if damaging them, shortening their life and increasing your costs. Racking allows you to store them in the best possible conditions, preventing them rolling around your van and picking up knocks.

Make Your Job More Enjoyable

Scrabbling around trying to find something when you’re already busy simply adds to the stress of your day. Why not make your life easier?


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