How do ideas come about?

Ideas can arise at any time; although it is proven that there is certain situation that helps to enhance creativity.

We are talking about the process of creating ideas.



Eureka! The legend says that Archimedes pronounced this expression, synonymous with “I found it”, when discovering the water that moves when submerging a body, is the same as the volume of the submerged. It is said that he was bathing placidly at that precise moment.

Because the ideas can arise at any time, although it is shown that certain situations enhance creativity.”When the inspiration arrives, he finds me working,” said Picasso.


Being in a relaxed environment is decisive because it favors a fluid circulation of thoughts, the mind will be calm and consequently, they will emerge at greater speed and their interconnection will be greater.


But spontaneity is only a factor of luck in the process of creating ideas.


According to Rowan Gibson , one of the world’s leading opinion leaders on business innovation, ideas are really shaped by organized thinking ,  it is necessary to have previous knowledge and experience that generate us concerns and curiosity about a Subject.


It can be said that the human mind produces discoveries in the wake of a chain of associations and connections that it keeps alive for a long period of time. The key word: association.


The brain associates ideas to create other

The brain is made up of neurons whose function is to transmit information from one to another in a process called synapses.


When something is observed, an odor is perceived or a certain song is heard, the neurons associate those perceptions with some previous circumstance and form an idea; this is how memory, imagination and creativity work.


Highly creative people are very sensitive to sensory perceptions and soon establish relationships between them that make your imagination fly, giving rise to great ideas. Good humor also encourages the activation of neurons, hence their close connection to creativity.


Innovation in the current labor market

Impact with innovative / disruptive / revolutionary ideas in a market as competitive as the current one is not easy. The mind is not prepared to go against the routine, and seeks to find inspiration in the field that surrounds it.


At the business level, you need to encourage creativity to maximize the creation of ideasMany organizations promote friendly environments and offer flexibility to their employees.


In the US animation studio Dream Works Animation, for example, any employee can access yoga and art classes during their workday, activities that will certainly allow them to seek inspiration.


The headquarters of the sportswear giant Nike, meanwhile, offers its workers the use and enjoyment of an Olympic swimming pool, gyms, a soccer field and walking trails.


Another technique is to implement an organized process and a theory of systematic innovation among workers that translates into a practical methodology for the generation and capture of ideas. The Game storming, generate ideas through games.


As noted, activities that allow for relaxation and inspiration or creativity, are closely related.



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