How to Set Up Your New Restaurant Bar

How to Set Up Your New Restaurant Bar

Once upon a time, there were bars and there were restaurants. No longer: government policies, economic pressures and consumer choice have blurred that distinction. Today, bar customers expect food to be on offer, and restaurant patrons expect the option of an alcoholic beverage.

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While some restaurants specialise in particular kinds of food and owe their success to it, only a few specialise in particular kinds of drink as well. To specialise in a type of alcohol – wines, perhaps – you need to achieve even more excellence and exceptionality than you do with the food, as customers expect choice.

Most patrons of restaurants are looking for a treat, so the correct glasses, perfect temperature and some nice touches make a big difference. Remember to invest in some training for your staff.

Whatever the cost price was, it is customer satisfaction that determines the value of your product.

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Cold Rooms

Storage is a main concern. Drink can take up a great deal of space. Even if you have plenty, giving too much to a bar will stop your restaurant feeling like one. On the other hand, carrying too little stock reduces customer choice. Cold rooms are the best solution to this dilemma, providing several benefits.

Firstly, by controlling the temperature, your beverages are always perfect for the table. Secondly, a room provides enough space for both quantity and variety. Thirdly, staff can find bottles much faster and monitor stock levels at the same time. Lastly, alcohol is a valuable asset that tempts professional burglars, so it’s an opportunity to lock it up securely.

The Bar

You do not need a bar to sell alcohol. However, whether you opt for an elaborate bar or none at all, you need to invest in some other equipment. Draft beers need pumps and cleaning equipment for the lines. Glasses should have separate sinks or warewashers from your food-related items. An ice machine will be valuable, and these days a shaker and other cocktail preparation equipment like garnish bins and cutting boards are often needed.

Carrying the full range of glasses for different beverages will also take space, so you may be glad of that cold room to store those in too.

It is also worth considering the seating you are going to have in the area perhaps including bar stools and Reception Chairs that you can find at that provide nice break away areas for those wishing to sit and relax with the drinks and chat with their friends.


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