How to use glue to stick metal to metal

How to use glue to stick metal to metal

If you don’t want to weld or use fasteners, using glue to stick metal to metal is an easily accessible option. Here is a brief guide on how to do it:

Step One

Choosing the right glue is the first important step and it will largely depend on the project. Popular choices include two part epoxy and superglue for long-lasting strength. Two part epoxy requires two parts being combined before use which takes more effort but offers a superior bond. For Metal bonding adhesive, consider CT1 Metal Bonding Adhesive

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Step Two

Before gluing, make sure the surfaces that you wish to bond are clean, dry and free of any dirt or dust. Sand down the area you wish to glue and then clear off dust to make a smoother surface for the glue to bond better. Try to avoid touching the area too much as the oils from the skin can affect the glue.

Step Three

Now it is time to apply the glue. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer so you know how much or how little is required. Two part epoxy will require the parts mixed together before use. You’ll need to use it straight away once mixed and it will take around a day to cure completely. Superglue provides a more instant bonding.

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Step Four

Clamping the two glued parts together after gluing is recommended. The higher strength glues go through a chemical curing process and by clamping the parts during this process, you’ll achieve an even stronger bond.


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