How to work faster without sacrificing quality

How to work faster without sacrificing quality

In an ever-frantic world of business, it is vital to be able to work fast without compromising on quality. There are things you can do to help with this and to train you to reach your full speed potential.

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Use a timer

Start using a timer when you have major tasks to complete. It is a fact that a long deadline or no deadline at all can prompt you to slow down. In contrast, giving yourself a set amount of time to complete a job will ensure that you work as fast as possible in an attempt to beat the clock.

Professor Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi, an expert in human performance, says that this kind of personal challenge can also lead to feelings of wellbeing, which he called a state of “flow”. Read more about the professor at

Bring forward your finish

Start your day by pretending that you are actually leaving work at 11am. Think about what jobs you can get done by then and which are most important.

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This is a great way of prioritising what is really important and getting you motivated and working as soon as you start your day. Hitting the ground running can make sure that you really are making the most of each minute you spend at work.

Work at home

If you really want to get ahead at work, allocate one hour each day to work from home, away from all of the distractions of the workplace. Try this for a fortnight and you’re likely to be very surprised by how much you achieve.

Prioritise your tasks

Make sure that you are focussing on the most important parts of your work and are not wasting time on insignificant or unnecessary tasks. This could mean setting a maximum time of ten minutes for unimportant jobs or outsourcing tasks to companies such as

Why should you spend valuable time in your day converting PDF to excel files or typing out reams of data when someone else can do that for you and free you up to concentrate on other, more important, aspects of your job?

Timing unimportant tasks can really help with making sure that you are not wasting time on them. It is too easy to allocate the same amount of time to unimportant jobs as important ones.



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