Six Tips When Viewing a Property

Six Tips When Viewing a Property

Viewing property can be a confusing task where you can become distracted by a great scheme in interior decor or troubled by particularly bad taste. Here are six tips when viewing property to ensure you remain focused on what really matters.

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1. Research the Area

If you are already looking to view potential properties, you will want to buy soon. Firstly, it is important to secure a mortgage in principle before viewing property in order to avoid any nasty surprises, such as viewing homes which are too expensive.

Now could be the perfect time to purchase a home as banks extend their offers on mortgages to tempt buyers.

Before viewing a property, look at the area. Is there excessive noise from planes or roads? Have a checklist of important amenities, such as public transport, shops and schools.

When purchasing a home, it is essential to hire a conveyancing solicitor such as those found at Conveyancing solicitors London will ensure that the sale of a property runs smoothly.

2. Inspect the Exterior

Study the roof of the property, as any roof in a poor condition can be expensive to repair as well as disruptive to your living situation. Also analyse the state of the exterior render and brickwork, as work could be required.

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North-facing properties will be cooler and darker and will impact the garden, while south-facing homes can become excessively hot during the summer. It is important to know this in advance to prepare yourself.

3. Examine the Interior

Search for any signs of mould growth or damp, with watermarks and flaky plaster the best giveaways.

Pay attention to any wall cracks, as large cracks are alarming signs of deeper issues.

4. Consider the Neighbours

Evaluate if any spaces in the home are overlooked by neighbours, as this could affect how you use the space.

Parking could also be shared, so it is essential you research this.

5. Study Storage and Space

Assess where your furniture will go, and if there is enough space.

Consider also the bedrooms and how big your bed is to ensure you will have sufficient space.

6. Inspect Electrical Wiring

Check the electrical sockets in all rooms and that there are enough for your needs.

If the electrical system is outdated, then rewiring could prove to be expensive.



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