Six Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

Six Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is the first thing that springs to mind when someone hears or sees your name, for good or bad. The corollary of this is that your brand can affect everything from your job or promotion prospects to how you are treated in the workplace. How can you make it work for you?

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Know Who You Are

Spend some time working out what your values are and do a personal SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis. Obviously, you will want to focus on your strengths, but knowing your weaknesses will help you to steer yourself away from them.

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Know Where to Position Yourself

In exactly the same way that a company would, work out your elevator pitch – something you can say about yourself in just a couple of minutes. It’s important to say who you are but also what you can offer others, so you might start with something like: when it comes to branding Cheltenham is the place where I can help most people create their personal brand.

Know What You Want and Where You Want to Go

Unless you know where you want to go, you will just drift. Use your SWOT analysis to help you focus. It’s easier if your goal is something that you are already good at – if you’re not, work to get the skills you need. Keep focussing on the end game, even if you have to take a few detours before you get back on track. If you get stuck, try using a marketing agency such as, who will help you.

Social Media and Networking

Make sure your social media profiles reflect the brand you want to present to the world. Use appropriate keywords and start connecting. Join online groups that reflect your goals, and make sure you participate to improve your profile. However, according to Forbes, you shouldn’t let it rule your life – use it to your advantage.

Find ways to network with people who work in the same arena and remember to be interested in them.

Finally, be prepared to accept feedback and use it to your advantage. As you grow and develop, grow and develop your personal brand. Remember to act is if you are already the successful person you want to be, and you will soon start being that person.


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