Three kitchen trends for 2024

Three kitchen trends for 2024

If you are considering a kitchen refurbishment, you may be on the lookout for key trends to help you design the kitchen of your dreams. Let’s take a look at three top kitchen trends that are taking centre stage in 2024.

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  1. Natural wood tones

    Nature never goes out of fashion, and one key trend this year is to use warm wood tones in your kitchen. From rich mahogany to honeyed oaks, there is plenty of choice when it comes to designing your kitchen. Whether wooden worktops or unpainted cupboard doors, wood has the power to transform your kitchen into a homely and welcoming space.

    2. Green hues

    One of the key kitchen colour trends for 2024 is green. According to Color Psychology, green promotes a sense of calm and relaxation, making it an ideal colour for any kitchen. The most calming green tones are on the cool side of the spectrum, such as sages and sea greens.

    3. Kitchen islands

    Incorporating an island is a popular trend in kitchen refurbishment and is set to continue throughout 2024. Kitchen islands have multiple functions, such as adding more storage and workspace and creating social spaces where friends and family can gather. To boost the social capabilities of your kitchen, add an island with space for stools along one side. This creates a space for people to sit, relax, and eat.

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Starting your kitchen refurbishment

If you are thinking about a kitchen refurbishment, it is a good idea to create a mood board with images of kitchen trends you like. In this way, you have a visual representation to refer to. Add personality to your space with some unique touches and you will create a bespoke kitchen to enjoy for years to come.


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