Do TV Amplifiers and Signal Boosters Work?

Do TV Amplifiers and Signal Boosters Work?

If you’re experiencing poor-quality sound and vision on your television, then you might be considering using an amplifier or signal booster to improve reception, particularly if you have several television sets within your household, all operating from a single aerial.

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Check for Coverage in Your Area

Your first port of call when your television reception is not as good as you hoped for is to check for digital coverage in your area. Simply head for the Digital UK website, input your address and the software will give you a detailed picture of the television channels you should be able to receive, their quality and your nearest TV transmitter.

What Does an Aerial Amplifier Actually Do?

An aerial amplifier boosts a weak signal and can be helpful where signal quality is a problem, particularly where multiple sets in the home are an issue. However, they don’t just boost your TV signal but can also boost electrical noise, signals from other transmitters and even the interference, so it’s pointless to simply install one and expect an instant improvement. In fact, most of the commonly available off-the-shelf solutions for DIY installation will only make the problem worse.

Your best solution is to call in the services of a dedicated aerial installation expert. For TV Aerial Installation Bath, they will assess the situation and uncover where in your system the problem is occurring. Too many television sets splitting up the signal could be quickly and easily resolved by the installation of appropriate splitter devices, for example, but an expert fitter will ascertain the best solution in a short space of time, saving you time on researching your options online. And even if you are able to determine the best solution, you’re unlikely to have access to the best equipment for the job, whereas your installer has the knowledge and experience to solve the problem with the absolute minimum of fuss and expense.

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When it’s a matter of assessing the best way forward for resolving your TV reception problems, your TV Aerial Installation Bath expert can uncover a whole range of problems that simply won’t occur to the average TV aficionado.

A signal that is too strong, for example, can be just as disruptive as one that is too weak, but with expert diagnostics your fitter can resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.


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