What to wear in the office this summer

What to wear in the office this summer

Across the country are a mass of men well-rehearsed in the uncomfortable days of office heat, with sweat-sodden shirts and unsightly patches an all-too-familiar nightmare during the summer.

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Heatwaves leave the British man woefully unprepared, especially when it comes to corporate attire. Men have a trussed-up wardrobe that is not amenable in balmy climates.


A debate frequently reoccurs about whether shorts are considered acceptable office attire, which often comes down to context; for example, if you work in a social media agency, the dress code will be far more lenient and youthful than a law firm. Shorts suits did briefly become a phenomenon, but thankfully this trend did not last.

The number of men wearing traditional suits to work appears to be decreasing, with only one in ten employees opting to wear one.

They may be a fun ensemble for casual summer weddings, but shorts are still not considered acceptable in the office.

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What to wear in the office this summer is dictated by how strict the dress code is in your workplace.

Starched, stiff shirts can often be substituted with less formal varieties, such as the grandad collar shirt. Worn unbuttoned, this shirt can prove far more comfortable, especially in breathable cotton poplin fabrics.

Consider also Farah shirts during the summer heat, which are available from stockists such as https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah.

It is also worth considering a polo shirt as a suitable shirt option. This viable alternative is far more comfortable than a formal shirt during the summer and can even be worn with a stylish, smart blazer, creating a dynamic combination of smart and sporty.


The next change you can make to your summer office attire is to your footwear. Sandals are often disapproved of in the boardroom; however, this does not mean you have to wear thick wool socks.

Ditch these and opt for invisible socks, which will leave the ankles bare. Choose a less structured type of shoe, with loafers proving a smart choice. If permitted, you could even wear a more formal pair of espadrilles constructed with a solid sole.


Finally, choose a soft-fitting trouser as a replacement for your stiff suit trousers. There are plenty of varieties in lightweight fabrics, with cropped shapes and airy proportions providing much-needed relief during the summer heat.



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