7 Basic Steps to Develop a Remote Business Project

7 Basic Steps to Develop a Remote Business Project

Creating an online business has never been as simple as today but bringing it to success requires a good deal of commitment, strategy and clarity.

Forget everything you read on the net about developing a business remotely because some notions are true and others are false.

The truth is that you have to find your way of doing business by building it clearly with all the notions available and constantly developing new entrepreneurial skills.

The recipes for creating a business remotely are numerous and never as today can having access to all these opportunities be confusing rather than helping.

Once you have learned the fundamentals, it can be more useful to create a team that brings together more skills and helps you face future challenges with you.

There are many solopreneurs out there doing business on their own, but that may not be your way, you might even find yourself working a lot better in a team and being happy to share the challenge.

From these considerations, important questions can arise about the way you intend to do business: alone, in teams, in partnership, with investors or without and beyond.

First of all it is important to point out that by remote business I mean a business that can be managed anywhere and can be different from the classic definition of online business.

You can do business online even by simply relying on affiliations or selling other people’s products via drop shipping.

What I tell you today has a broader vision of remote business and means that you could also sell an online consultation, open a web agency or a social media agency.

Remotely you can create companies of any type and size, like the traditional ones.

To create a good business remotely, consider personal aspects related to the development of your soft skills and technical aspects related to the knowledge of the subject, such as marketing.

Here are 7 key steps to creating an online business

  • Clarity: analyze which business is right for you
  • Introspection: balancing business and happiness
  • Target: find the right niche
  • Choice: choose the right product or service
  • Patience: climb from zero to your goal
  • Development: create a product / service from scratch
  • Increase: climbing and becoming productive

As you can imagine these are just the tip of the iceberg of everything you need.

Clarity: Analyze which business is for you

Experience has shown me that most people who want to start an online business suffer from uncertainty about the business idea and wonder if it will work.

Knowing a priori if an idea will work is unlikely because the factors that determine success are quite varied and it is not certain that they only concern the goodness of the idea, which remains a pillar.

In this improbability, personal competence plays a key role, so the idea may not be the best but you are able to offer it very well on the market and sell it accordingly.

Introspection: Balancing Business and Happiness

It is important to stop and investigate the reasons why you are planning a business remotely.

When you focus on making money and don’t consider other aspects of your life you could find yourself with a great business but an unhappy life.

There are many people on the job out there or pursuing goals far from their authenticity.

You could open an online store with Amazon FBA or use a drop shipping to quickly reach the hoped-for profit but in the end, you might then find that selling is not the business you like to do.

In all these cases it is essential to start from what you really like to do, for some it means starting from the passions, for others from your own authentic aspirations. The important thing is to ask yourself a few questions about it.

Target: Find the right niche

The global market is vast, really vast! Sometimes you can get the impression that a large market offers more opportunities, indeed many businesses turn their products to a very specific niche because by doing so they can better know potential customers, analyze their habits and propose specific products / services that solve their problems.

Much better to concentrate one’s strength on a smaller and more specific group of people. The market that proposed generic solutions has passed.

In finding your niche there are other actions you need to take such as conducting market research, conducting an analysis of competitors, learning as much as possible about your target.

And you haven’t sold anything yet. It goes without saying that a personal and professional verification phase is essential.

Choice: Choose the Right Product or Service

To have a good online business you need the right product offered to the right target. The right intersection of product / service / target is already a good starting point for your remote business.

Choosing a product can be relatively simple if it is a sale for an e-commerce or clearly more complicated if you need to develop an app or design a consultation.

Fortunately, there are online tools that analyze people’s interest in products, keywords or concepts . An example of all: Google Trends)

Patience: Climbing from Zero to Your Objective

It may take a long time for a business to work, despite all the promises and sometimes the business reality that can generate a good profit within 3 months. If you leave convinced that you will soon achieve the success you think you deserve, you may be disappointed.

For many niches, many products and some services take time for the market to appreciate what you have to offer and notice you.

And in all this I have not taken into consideration the right visibility that you have to create around your brand. This could be in many ways the most marketer part of your business roadmap.

Development: Creating a Product / Service from scratch

In any self-respecting project there comes a time when everything converges in the creation of what you want to sell: the business model, the market analysis, the considerations on the niche, the strategy, the personal strength to invest in the project.

This phase can be more or less tiring compared to the service product you are developing: you could create an info with little effort, you could make a consultation with more effort, you could open an e-commerce, you could open a web agency with considerable effort.

Every product / service you decide to develop requires an investment of time and variable money but which you need to be aware of.

The amount of time needed to develop a product / service does not uniquely determine when you can generate profit, so you could invest little and earn a lot or invest a lot and earn little.

The entrepreneurial skills also serve this.

Increase: Scaling and Becoming Productive

After the first operational phase of starting your business, it is time to focus on the success of your business by setting yourself clear economic and strategic objectives.

In addition to overcoming the break even  you could aim to increase the profit, optimize the resources used and, if possible, scale your business abroad.


So all you have to do is start with your business!

The choice to start often is the major obstacle, that moment when you are overcome by indecision and doubt the goodness of your idea. Working on one’s personal growth is essential to combat inherent obstacles: personal beliefs, personal counter-intentions, negative thoughts, fatigue.

On these obstacles you have full control while on extrinsic obstacles, or those outside the market, you may not have control. Everything you control can be governed and this gives you security.

Training is another important element because as entrepreneurs, you never stop learning and in this the comparison with other entrepreneurs will always be illuminating for your business.


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