10 useful tips to increase web reputation

10 useful tips to increase web reputation

Increase web reputation: How to improve the perception that users have of their online activity!

Increasing web reputation is essential for all companies that wish to sell online. The consumer, in fact, does not limit himself to buying the product: he buys the idea of the product, based on every opinion expressed on that particular article online.

It is not sold only in e-commerce stores. It sells on blogs, on social media, in communities, on forums. Why? Because every comment made regarding an activity on the web plays a fundamental role in the consumer purchasing process. Starting from these assumptions, it is clear that increasing the web reputation of one’s business is indispensable for obtaining significant results online.

The web reputation is only the set of online opinions expressed by users with regard to a particular activity or to a specific brand. In consumer psychology, the reputation of the brand plays a fundamental role. In fact, users often prefer to rely on the most popular brands simply because they enjoy a good online reputation.

How to increase corporate web reputation? The first step to take is undoubtedly to monitor common opinion. There are numerous web reputation tools to analyze your online reputation and understand what activities need to be performed to improve your performance. In fact, it will be necessary to manage content, control interactions, build an interactive community and a solid relationship with its users.

Let’s find out how to increase web reputation and get significant results with your online business …

How to increase web reputation?

Here are 10 essential tips to make your business exclusive and reliable in the eyes of online users …

1) Choose a property domain

One of the fundamental cornerstones of online brand reputation is the business website. The first step to get a good response on the net is undoubtedly the choice of the domain. Choosing a domain of ownership is essential to give your brand or image the right authority. The domain is not characterized exclusively by the name: it is also essential to identify its extension. It is usually recommended to choose a first level extension that could be valid at national level. In other words, the classic “.com” domains are the best. Choosing a proprietary domain will make it easier to add value to your online content. The name of the business will gain authority in the eyes of the search engine and users. The choice of the domain is an important element, but not enough to increase online reputation. It will be necessary to combine this activity with the production of valid contents and an effective communication strategy.

2) Make quality content

What really gives authority to an online activity is the content, the message it communicates. Starting from this assumption, it is clear that the first activity to carry out to increase the company’s web reputation is to draw up an editorial plan carefully studying each content to be published. The content marketing is essential: writing quality, original content designed to help your potential customers is the most important activity. An indispensable tool to be professional in the eyes of users is the company blog. Here you can publish interesting articles for your target audience. Many users associate the corporate image with the content published on their business page. Consequently, if the contents are authoritative, the activity that made them will also be professional. A Content Marketing strategy is not just about the company blog: it includes everything that is communication, from social media to images. What is really fundamental is to produce content that is always aimed at users.

3) Use multiple communication channels

Another fundamental element to optimize one’s web reputation is the multi-channel communication. Producing quality content, in fact, is not enough! It is not enough to choose to share content on your company blog or on your site. How it is not enough to publish exclusively social posts. It is necessary to integrate multiple communication channels to reach as many users as possible. Not all consumers prefer to inquire through the same channels. Many use Google, others Social, others e-mail. It is important to study a communication and marketing strategy aimed at each communication channel in order to reach a wider opinion.

4) Encourages users to release reviews

Reviews are the real engines of every online purchasing process. Currently almost no user buys items online without having read the reviews on the site. Getting positive feedback from users is essential for increasing your online reputation. Starting from this assumption, it is clear that an essential activity to be carried out is to incentivize its users to release reviews about their activity. A winning tool could be sending discounts or coupons in exchange for a review. In this way, users will be encouraged to release their feedback and the activity will become more credible.

5) Manage negative comments in a professional manner

Reviews can be an important tool in favor of business, but also a means of affecting the company’s online reputation. A negative review, in fact, must be managed in a professional and timely manner. There are hundreds of users who release negative reviews, often in a rude way. However, this should not be a cause for concern for an activity! It is necessary to respond to every negative feedback in a calm, polite and professional way to try to identify the reasons that led the user to release that review. In these cases, it is advisable to answer immediately to avoid that a negative comment can turn into bad publicity for your brand or for your professional figure.

6) Constantly monitor your online reputation

Monitoring your online reputation is essential. In fact, in order to understand which aspects of your communication plan improve, it is necessary to carry out an analysis regarding what users think of their business. There are specific tools that can monitor the web reputation of any activity: web reputation tools. Through these platforms, it will be possible to know the communication channels used by your customers and view all the positive or negative reviews released. In this way, it will be possible to respond promptly to negative feedback or, on the contrary, to adequately thank the users who release positive reviews. Finally,

7) Use Google My Business

Google My Business is an indispensable tool to obtain an excellent corporate web reputation. GMB is, in fact, a resource capable of interacting with users on multiple fronts by communicating particularly useful information. Thanks to this tool, every user will be able to know the geographical position of the activity (with Maps) or the opening and closing times. A business with a complete card Google My Business will undoubtedly appear particularly authoritative. Using this free tool provided by Google well could prove essential to increase your corporate web reputation.

8) Keep the promises made to customers

To increase its web reputation it is essential to keep the promises made to users. A business that guarantees a 24-hour customer service that is not available will not be able to obtain positive feedback. In the same way, an e-commerce that guarantees shipments in 24 hours and will not carry them out cannot hope to obtain online consents. Clear and transparent communication is essential: all promises made to users must be kept. The activities that promise innumerable services not guaranteeing them practically will not be able to hope to obtain positive opinions online. Starting from this premise, it is always recommended to promise less and accomplish more!

9) Monitor the competitors’ web reputation

Analyzing your web reputation is not enough! To improve one’s online reputation it is essential to carry out an analysis of the web reputation of its competitors. Using the specific tools, it will be possible to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors’ activities. In this way, it will also be possible to identify a unique and original aspect of one’s own activity on which to base one’s communication strategy. Distinguishing yourself from your competitors is essential to having a positive feedback from online users.

10) Contact an online marketing agency

To increase web reputation it is always recommended to contact an online marketing agency. Experts will help the activity to structure an effective communication plan. In this case, the intervention could be on multiple fronts: from the production of valid contents, through SEO optimization interventions, to the management of an integrated and well-developed multi-channel communication plan. In this way, the activity can increase its online reputation with more tools: an optimized and well-indexed site, carefully planned social content and a company blog full of useful articles for users.

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