10 Simple Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

Your online store is up and running and you’re all set to do business. Now is the time to get a little more action! Your store should not only be attractive and easy to use, it should also bring you return on investment and generate sales. If within your goals is to increase sales and create a loyal customer base, we have some advice from marketing experts that can help you to get there, just to that point:

1 . Use a clear, simple and visible call-to-action button. There needs to be a sense of urgency to encourage buyers to seal the deal, such as “Buy Now”, “Get It” or “Buy in 1-Click” or whatever your creative thinking might devise along the same lines.

 call-to-action button

2. Add images and videos of product demonstrations. This will help customers visualize your product and imagine it as part of their lives.

story of product

3. Includes customer feedback and product ratings. This helps to establish the credibility of your site and creates a greater sense of community and trust in the other, remember that the recommendations are not good when “come very close.


Highlight products by offering discounts

4 . Make the payment process super simple. The most disappointing thing is if the final click of purchase does not materialize for some reason and you have to select the products and fill in all the billing information again.

5. Make sure are a priority. Also make sure that you are easily accessible to any questions or returns. Always position yourself behind your products, guarantee satisfaction and reward customers for their purchases.

service and customer loyalty

6. Highlight products by offering discounts or points out the “best selling” products or most popular items in your store.

Highlight products by offering discounts

7. Make sure the added value of your store is clear. Buyers have to see how beneficial it can be to buy your products. What makes your business unique and incomparable? The answer to this question should be clear, not only for you, but also for your customers and visitors.

value of your store

8. Create discount coupons and distribute them on social media, printed marketing materials (brochures, newspaper ads) or through a customer mailing list. Limit the number of coupons available (For example: “The first 50 to use this coupon will get a 50% discount!”) Or the duration (“A 48 hour sale starting now!”) To mobilize people Towards quick action .

9 . Use more than one photo of each product. For example, if you are selling clothes, you can load an image of the garment on a white background, but also a photo of a model wearing it.

feedback and product ratings

10. Establish a mailing list and keep your customers up-to-date on new products, latest offers or any other kind of news that could make them revisit and buy from your online store.

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