7 things you can understand if you misuse social networks

7 things you can understand if you misuse social networks

Misuse of social networks

We are still surprised by the huge number of small and medium businesses that are in social networks “to be”. That is to say, they have an open account in the main social networks but they make a bad management of it or that they do not directly look at them.


Would you put a filthy and drunken person to give out flyers of your company?

Probably not, because it would damage your image, it would scare your clients and it would transmit that your company is little serious and unprofessional.

Well it happens exactly the same with social networks.

Social Media helps us to turn social networks into an interactive showcase of our company.  Therefore, it is crucial to take care of the image we offer through it, if we do not want to damage our company image, frighten our customers and transmit An unprofessional image.

In fact, there are a number of very basic mistakes that many companies continue to make in their social networks and transmit very negative things about the company

1. Do not customize social networks :
Transmit that you are a careless and unprofessional company.
There is only one opportunity to create a first impression and this will depend on the relationship that our potential audience has with us from here in the future. Therefore, we must personalize the social networks to the maximum in which we participate taking care of the image that we transmit until the smallest detail.
2. Use poor quality images or illustrations or copied from other companies:
 Transmit that you are a shabby company with no personality of its own.
Would you work with dirty, stained clothes? Or would you present yourself with the competition clothes? Probably none of the 2. Exactly the same happens with social networks. We must take care of our image to the maximum if we do not want to transmit an equivocal image of our company and of what it represents.
3. Publish each bishop’s death:
 Transmit that you are a cold company and not very attentive.
If your customer passes in front of your business every day, would you greet them only once a month? Or would you greet him every day? Well if your client connects to social networks every day, why are you sharing things with him once every 3 months?
4. Publish things that are irrelevant to your potential audience:
 Transmit that you are not interested in your clients and that you have nothing to do with them.
Is it true that when you have a meeting with your clients you try to look for related topics to create an interesting conversation? Well with social networks we must do exactly the same thing if we want to be ignored in the future.
5. Spammear by constantly sharing your company’s content:
 Transmit that you only care about selling and that caring for customers is not meaningful for your company.
Is it true that when your customers enter your company do not overpower them with your entire battalion of products but you are looking to create an interesting conversation? Well exactly the same with social networks. If you screw up your potential client you will be amazed.
6. Do not answer the messages of fans and followers:
 Transmit your clients do not care about anything.
If someone stops you in the street to say hello, would you give him back the greeting and give him some conversation?
One of the main advantages of social networks is the interaction capacity they provide.Disapproving this opportunity is not only absurd, it is totally counterproductive because it will make you lose potential clients.
7. Misuse the language of each social network:
 Transmit that you are close and unprofessional.
Would you greet customers who enter your business with a “what’s up turkey”? Surely not unless you had a lot of confidence and knew that your client speaks like this normally.
It happens exactly the same in social networks. Each social network has its own language and must be understood and adapted to it. Just as you would not speak the same in a church as in a nightclub, we must adapt our language but we want to be in a terrible way with our potential audience. And that implies an appropriate use of language, tone, message, construction and structure of texts, links, images, etc.
Being and doing what you can is simply not enough. Since we can be transmitting the opposite of what we want.
That implies that, on many occasions, it is more advisable not to be in social networks, than to be inconsistent, unprofessional, careless, inadequate, etc.
Let’s not forget that professional management of social networks can help us:
  • Be more visible: Social networks make our brand. Our potential customers see our products and our services.
  • Know: Social networks allow us to know our potential audience, their habits, opinions, tastes, hobbies, etc. Our potential audience making it much easier to develop marketing and communication strategies that are well received.
  • Zoom in: Social networks allow brands to talk to their customers and potential customers. This makes consumers feel like close and trustworthy brands.
  • Linking: Social networks allow brands to subtly “hang” within the lives of their potential audience by making them more likely to create emotional bonds with them, their products and services.
  • Sell: Social networks allow us to know our products. Services in a non-intrusive way, so they help us boost sales and convert potential customers into real customers.
  • Loyalty: Social networks allow us to interact with our customers. Make them feel part of our brand, products and services.
That is why we must use social networks strategically. Give it the importance they deserve, since it is an extension of our company. Misuse and mismanagement can damage our company image and make us lose customers and potential customers.

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