How to write the perfect ‘post’ for your business blog

How to write the perfect ‘post’ for your business blog

Many entrepreneurs are wondering what really brings their business to having a corporate blog . The truth is that the benefits are many, but not immediate. So, is it worth the effort to periodically post content on our site? The answer is yes, and for several reasons.

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First, content marketing is presented today as one of the most effective techniques to promote any business on the net . We are talking about search engine positioning, gaining visibility in Google ranking with the creation of useful and interesting content for the user. It is really difficult for a static page to occupy the first search results.

But do not just think about Google. The megabuscador likes quality content, but who really interests the user, the potential customer. Providing good information to your target audience will build trust and humanize your company. If an article likes it, the visitor will stay to read it, and the longer it goes on the page, the greater the business opportunities. In addition, the ability for the user to share content on social networks can provide us with a lot of visibility.

Creating content is important, it’s true, but writing from time to time a quality article can be a grueling task. Search theme, define the style, insert keywords, organize the structure of the text … It is not enough just to have a good idea and publish it. Therefore, we present some of the key points to write aquality post for your company blog:

– Theme.  First, do you know what content is most interesting to your audience? What information are you looking for in the network? What are you talking about in social networks? Well, if you are looking for topic for the article, think first of the audience to which it is directed. Do not write thinking about Google, but use their tools to find the most interesting topics. Use Google Trends to find out what the trends are on the net. Use Adwords keywords to find out which keywords are most wanted. When you have an idea of ​​the context in which you move, finding an attractive subject will not be difficult.

– Structure.  If you already have the idea for the article, do not rush. Start by writing the draft . You must specify the most important points of the text as keywords , order them according to a coherent structure . Beginning to write the post by the title is not recommended. There is always time after optimizing it.

As for extension , there is no standard length for the perfect article. We only have to worry about expressing clearly what we want to convey. Between 600 and 800 words can be a good measure to get it. The level of attention of the user may vary depending on what you find on our blog. An excessively long post might discourage you; A short one may not be enough to convey the message. The reader is not going to devote much time to the article if we do not get their attention, so it is important to place the important thing at the top of the text.

– Writing and optimization.  If we already know what we are going to say and how we are going to structure it, it is up to us to get down to work with the writing. The most attractive articles usually have a practical approach, the user can use them to solve any question that arises on a specific topic. The keywords we referred to above should be strategically distributed throughout the text. When writing, we will highlight in bold the important ( keywordsincluded). With this we tell the user and Google what they have to locate.

Another important point is the images . These break the monotony of the text, making it more attractive. In addition, we are also worth for positioning in search engines, provided that we have put the keyword in the title of the image used.

Links are another key point within optimization. Throughout the text, we can refer to other articles (own or others) that deal with common themes. The strategic insertion of these hyperlinks creates bridges between different web pages, favoring traffic from one to another. If we link the new content with some of our old posts , the user will spend more time on our blog. If the linktakes you to a website other than ours, we will complete the information with external data and link one site to another.

To complete the SEO work , we must add the tags that complete the main keyword and that we have already distributed throughout the text. Very important also include the main keyword in the title of the article, the meta description and the permanent link of the article.

– Review, publish, promote.  Now is the time to make a second reading of the post . The grammatical corrections or misspellings could ruin the work because Google Pigeon takes into account these factors for positioning. After publishing, we must worry about its diffusion in social networks. Good content is not usually shared alone. We need a community that supports our articles if we want to get viral.

And that’s it! Those are some of the guidelines for writing the post … perfect? It is better to talk about “quality article”. A post is perfect if it serves us, if it meets our goals. These tips help both writing and optimization, but only through the technique of trial and error can we know what content works best for our company blog.


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