How to set up a gym business?

How to set up a gym business?

How to set up a gym business? Nowadays, people are opting for a healthy lifestyle, which has made setting up a gym a profitable business. If you have considered this option, we invite you to read this article. Keep in mind that due to its characteristics, it is necessary to invest in premises, machines to exercise and of course, personnel prepared for physical training.

So it is important to establish if, to start with your gym, you should draw a type of personal savings plan, request a loan to a bank, associated with another person or a combination of all alternatives. The important thing is that you analyze each of them so that you will not be hung up with the loan installments or even, you end up transferring control of your gym to another one.

Here we share with you locative aspects to assemble a gym business

Define your objective clientele

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This is part of the study to choose the location of the gym. Take into account if it is a residential, commercial or student area since most people prefer to exercise near their places of work or home. As well as your purchasing power, which will give you an idea of the rates you can request and the training style to offer.


Analyze the competition

Check, in the sector that you have preselected, that other businesses with related activities are in their surroundings: gyms, private or public sports centers. This will allow you to establish a strategy either by competing with prices or by the type of activities you offer: aerobics classes, Zumba, tae-bo, pilates …

The right place

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Just as it is important that the premises have the necessary space for the location of sports machines, which are relevant to physical activity. It is also possible to adapt the different zones for collective fitness classes, changing rooms for both men and women, bathroom service, warehouse, and reception.

This depends on the budget you have available. If you start with a small room try to limit yourself in the number of services to offer and organize schedules properly. On the other hand, if the place is bigger, you can divide it by more specific areas: spinning (bicycles), aerobics, gymnastics, weights …

Learn about the sports field

This means that you must know about the world of physical training. What implies that you report on sports brands. So you know the quality of the items that you will acquire to set up your gym. Since this is one of the essential aspects of your business.

In this sense investigates which are the most used training machines, their prices, which manufacturers are positioned in the sports market and the reasons so that you also have elements of judgment when making your purchase.

Additional suggestions for setting up a gym business

It is important that you are receptive to the different trends that are being established, in the theme of physical exercise and fitness, so that you include them in your service plan to offer. This adaptability will allow you to stay current and therefore your gym continues to be profitable.

Suitable staff

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In general, the profile is between being a qualified trainer or having some kind of sports merit. Since your clients must trust and feel confident with respect to the capacity of the people who are advising them. Also, keep in mind the importance of having a good service attitude, as this translates into good recommendations to other potential clients.

Additionally, remember how important it is to promote your gym, whether at the social media level, through advertisements or with print advertising.

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