10 Products that you can sell your pet shop

10 Products that you can sell your pet shop

The love for a pet is priceless, it is a true love: neither bought nor sold. But what is sold are pet products. Pet shop is an excellent business, people conscientiously conserve their pets, buy everything from vital and necessary, to items that are luxurious, peculiar or exotic.

List of products of and services for pets:

Needless to say, if you have veterinary studies, a pet shop will fit like a glove; you will generate trust in your customers.

I present below a list of ten products or services for pets that you can sell to start this great endeavor:


pet shop

It is the product par excellence, It is a safe sale. Pets require food according to their growth stage, food whether they are puppies, or adults if they are overweight, spatial ingredients etc. With food, do not worry about advertising. Big brands like Purina spend money on television ads that send customers to your business.



Dogs and cats need to be vaccinated frequently, especially when they are puppies. I told you that if you are a veterinarian you will have a plus when undertaking this business; this is the case; You sell the vaccine and you can charge or not for the service to apply it.

Toy for pets:

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Pet toys are very required. They are sold because customers are looking for what to focus on the hyperactivity of their puppies; veterinarians advise their purchase to stimulate mental agility and strengthen the dental health of the pet. Toys are rattles, balls, and bones for dogs, pendants for cats etc.

Necklaces and straps:

Necklaces and leashes are sold mainly to customers whose pet is a dog. Every day you have to take that cute dog for a walk; Beware of running after a dog! So it will be best to remove it with a collar and strap. Hand-free straps are ideal, those that the strap stretches as your dog advances.

Pet hygiene products:

The hygiene of a pet is something important, there are people that it is normal for your pet to sleep with them, that is why it is necessary to buy everything related to hygiene: The special anti-flea shampoo, brushes for the coat, sponges, nail clippers, mouth rinses etc.

Pet bath service:

pet shop

There are people who love their pets, but they do not want to mess with a restless dog’s bathroom, so they prefer to take some money, take it to the pet or veterinary store so that you can take care of the fun bathing service, you will finish something soapy but with money in your pocket.

Hairdresser for dogs:

Dogs are beautiful by nature, but from a time ago people imposed the fashion of grooming their dogs to make them more attractive. They want a unique cut for your pet. This service is quite required and you can leave a good money, they will also ask you to cut their nails. In my opinion, some animals suffer a lot from these two activities. So I hope you have affection, charisma, and tact with these creatures.

Beds and rugs:

A pet is another member of the family and as such requires its own bed. In a pet shop, what are beds are sold at a good price, they vary in size and shape, some look like just a box and others a comfortable cushion.

Swimming goggles for dogs:

pet shop

Swimming glasses for dogs? I told you the people to consent to their pets do not leave with regard if they have the money buy whatever. You just have to take it. The swimming goggles was a novel idea with which an American became a millionaire in a short time. I list it in this list to show you that what is important is creativity. Be ingenious and discover a need that has not been covered for a particular animal or pets in general, develop the idea and see how far you can go.

Nursery for pets:

People go on a trip, they can not take their pets with them and they do not want to leave her alone at home. No problem, you appear as a superhero providing pet care service. It is required that you be charismatic and loving, perhaps taking care of the most precious thing a person has.

I could extend it even more by stating all the products and services that can be done with a pet shop. The ones I have presented can be derived and refined in others. So start your imagination and start, surely some idea has already occurred. I reiterate: The fundamental thing in this business for pets is to have a love for animals. In general, in all business the important thing is to love what is done, the time will pass in a pleasant way and the money will come in addition.

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