5 tips for your content marketing world

5 tips for your content marketing world

For a few years now, many have agreed that content marketing is a powerful tool for you to propel your brand on the web. I share my 5 tips for your content marketing world.

But before, for the good understanding of all, here is my short definition of what is the marketing of contents: the marketing of contents it is the diffusion on various web channels (blog, social networks, newsletter, forums of discussions) of content relevant to your brand (text, images, video) to increase the value of your brand.

So here are my 5 tips for your content marketing world

# 1: Set a publication schedule

You have a business strategy, you have a roadmap for your products and services, you need a publication schedule for your web communications. This calendar allows you to stay focused on your brand, in the heart of your business. Of course, you can adapt your calendar according to the wind while keeping the course.

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# 2: Stay true to your brand

Your readers are bombarded with messages from all sources. They do not know where to turn. Your role is to simplify the message, to stay true to the message. Take for example the message Business Marketing 360: Managed Small Business Marketing Service Provider.

# 3: Mobilize all the members of your team

In order to get as many ideas as possible about topics, do not hesitate to call on all the members of your team to contribute to the execution of your marketing plan. From finances to operations, obviously through sales, all must submit their publications. All do not need to be eloquent writers, because the writing will not be entrusted to them.

# 4: Make sure you write texts searched on Google

The Minister of Industry under Maurice Duplessis in the 1950s, Mr. Jean-Paul Beaulieu, not having high esteem scientists, said “in Quebec, it is not” researchers “that we have wants, but “finders”.

This colorful quote illustrates the point presented: you must write with the same words used in search queries. For example, I have to talk about “funnel opportunities” (instead of “business opportunities in the sales cycle”) even if the first word is a fake friend and the second word is an anglicism because it’s as well as people write their search in Google.

# 5: Reuse your spaghetti sauce

Spaghetti sauce, you say?

I often compare a content marketing world strategy to a spaghetti sauce. Indeed, with a spaghetti sauce, we make spaghetti, certainly, but also linguines, fettuccine, lasagna and many other delicious dishes!

Learn how to reuse your content marketing in several ways. Take a text on your blog and share it on LinkedIn, get a video on your website and post it on YouTube.

# 6: Extra – Hire Business Marketing 360

I promised you 5 things, but I could not help adding the latter, obviously very partisan.

Hire Business Marketing 360 to execute your content marketing strategy. Be more easily found on the web and give your team some hard-hitting sales tools.


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