You have your own small business and now you are going to supply a range of toiletries to supermarkets.

You have been supplying a range of environmentally friendly toiletries to members of the public for several years, your sales have grown and your reputation for supplying quality products has spread.  Recently you have been in talks with several supermarkets to supply them with a range of your branded items.  You have already thought about the production side of the operation, and you want the best company to deal with all the packing, labelling and barcoding side of your business. You immediately turn to a professional company such as who specialise in Contract Packing.

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You know these companies are environmentally friendly and have a zero-landfill policy, you appreciate that they will package all your toiletries with care and precision using high specification, modern machinery.  These state-of-the-art machines will be operated by highly trained, dedicated staff who will make sure your products are packaged, barcoded and labelled to your exact specifications. You also know that all your precious cargo will arrive at its allotted destination on time and with no fuss or wasted spillages.  You have checked out their ISO 9001 certification and are more than happy that they meet all of the exacting requirements.

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Your toiletries business supplies sachets, small 30ml bottles and larger 25 ltr containers that can be used to refill the smaller bottles.  Working with a packing company that can efficiently handle all your specific needs is essential for your company to continue to grow.


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