Team Building: How to motivate employees and increase productivity

Team Building: How to motivate employees and increase productivity

How to motivate and build a cohesive and productive work group through team building: discover which the most effective activities are.

A cohesive and close-knit working group is also recognized by moments of leisure. And it is precisely on these moments that we must aim to increase productivity. The team building company is very important: it unites, motivates, and decreases friction. They are fun, experiential and educational activities and can be practiced by any SME. The ultimate goal is one: to ensure high working performance. And to develop the soft skills of the employees, that is the transversal competences that help to have serene and constructive interpersonal relationships.

Below you will find a list of team building activities that you can propose to your employees …

Team Building

Team Building: Outdoor Activities

The company team building activities in the open air stimulate the imagination and lower the levels of stress that within a work context can also be high. Among this type of activity we find: climbing, treasure hunt, excursion, boy scout games, karting, outdoor cooking, amusement parks and team sports in general.

Team Building: Cultural Activities

Widely used in recent years, cultural activities combine the shared experience with training. Seeing an exhibition, going to the theater, visiting a city, engaging in the art-door are the cultural activities that can be done in a group and that combine playful, organizational and strategic moments.

Team Building: Adventure Activity

The team building adventure is very suitable when you have to form a group in a short time or when there are new resources in the company. These activities, in fact, manage to create a strength and an attachment to the team better than others. Being in “dangerous” situations, where everyone’s intervention is fundamental for the success of the company, accelerates the union, creates trust and increases the respect one has for the other. Survival courses, outdoor training, cannoning, carton boats, adventure parks are just some of the hardest activities you can do during a team building.

Team Building: Relaxing Activities

Some companies prefer to focus on more calm and relaxing activities, where they can get to know the team members better, interact and establish a relationship with them that goes beyond the working relationship. This category includes activities such as: aperitifs, dinners, board games, role-playing games, meditation, bowling, cineforum.

Creative Team Building

Finally, among the corporate team building activities we find more original situations that stimulate creativity, unite all the participants and make them feel part of a group oriented to achieving a common goal. Active painting, Lego constructions, enigma resolutions, movie making are creative team building activities that will have a beneficial effect on business productivity.

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