12 steps to start business when you do not know anything

12 steps to start business when you do not know anything

If you’re just starting out and want to achieve a breakthrough in creating your business you must be clear about the real steps that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Your success will not only depend on you developing, testing and refining a business idea until it is an established company. You will also need natural abilities, which allow you to delve into your market. You will need to work hard and practice until you become the best.

Understand the mechanics of your company and assume your responsibility.


Once you follow these steps, after getting enough information about your business, you think about what you need and love your idea with passion, you will venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

But the truth be told, no one can make a perfect business plan. Constant change and improvement are inevitable, as everything follows a rhythm.

This is why you have the mission to develop, test, analyze and refine your ideas to achieve the life you have always wanted.

Wherever you are: To create a company you have to follow the following steps

You have to take care of your back.

The steps to create a company are very similar in all Spanish-speaking countries. You have to be on the side of the law.


In some countries it is easier, and in others they put more obstacles and paperwork. Therefore, before proceeding to regularize the situation of your company, take into account the following 8 steps:

Step 1. Choose and register a unique name: One of the most important steps, will allow you to differentiate and exist legally.

Step 2. Choose a legal personality: This will depend on the type of business and the number of people with whom you work.

Step 3. Constitute your company: Once your legal personality is clear, you can be self-employed, anonymous company or limited partnership.

Step 4. Get a Tax Information Number: This is a number that will help you identify with the tax collectors in your country.

Step 5. Register in the mercantile registry: Once your company is constituted, you must register in the mercantile registry to regularize.

Step 6. Legalize your accounting books : When you set up your company you need to have three accounting books: Sales, purchases, and daily.

Step 7. Keep up-to-date with all institutions: Depending on the country you are in, you must meet commitments with institutions; Such as social security or tax.

Step 8. Run your business: Now that you’ve gone through the hardest thing, it’s time to start running your business idea.


No matter where you are, these are the general rules. For more information visit your trusted lawyer. Never forget that what really matters when creating your company is that you do not give up despite how difficult it is to maintain it.

You can!


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