The company is an entity that by itself can never reach its objectives since it always needs people who help it to reach its goals. The company needs people to function normally, but if you want to work in an excellent way these people need to be motivated. Therefore, it is in the employee’s motivation where the company gets the key to success and maximum economic benefits.

When the employee enters a phase of demotivation, he begins to lose the enthusiasm and enthusiasm with which he began the first day. Their performance begins to be reduced and the quality of the work that is done is affected and therefore they begin to commit inefficiencies by the lack of attention towards the tasks to realize.
The word Motivation is derived from the Latin Motivus , which means “cause of the movement”, the concept of motivation is the word REASON and ACTION, that means that for an employee to be motivated and committed to the company and 110% a motive that leads to action.

There are several possible reasons, such as not feeling well paid, bad relationship with the superior, with other colleagues or client, lack of recognition, lack of professional development, routine, personal problems, etc.

To face this situation we must recreate the enthusiasm of the first day in the employee, to rekindle him, to enthuse him and to help him find the REASON that leads him to the ACTION.

Suggestions that can improve this situation are:
1.- Improve communication between employees and company
2.- Mutual respect
3.- Seek reconciliation between work and family
4.- Recognize the work of employees
5.- Show interest in needs Of the employee
6.- Establish constant challenges to avoid routine
7.- Create team
8.- Establish personal interviews and evaluation of satisfaction.

With small actions can be achieved significantly increase the level of motivation of employees. The main point is communication, since communication is the main basis on which people feel really motivated, knowing how to communicate correctly avoids misunderstandings, creates trust, establishes links, generates enthusiasm and establishes bonds of union More than any other medium.

When an effective communication is not made in the company the employee can have a feeling of lack of belonging to the company and recognition, adding the lack of interest for his work.

Good communication will reinforce the pillars of employee motivation, providing you with the REASON you need to move to the ACTION and allowing them to regain their enthusiasm and commitment, thus increasing the chances of success.


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