8 sales strategies to sell more in your business

8 sales strategies to sell more in your business

The best way for your business to succeed is by getting more and better sales. But how can you do it without spending a penny? The answer is following the 8 sales strategies I propose below, and they serve whether you have an Internet business or a physical one.

All these strategies are much simpler to execute than you think and, if you put them into practice every day, you will see that you do not have to be an expert for your business to generate new revenue and to retain better clients.


8 sales strategies to sell more in your business

1. Spy on your competition:

Why is the business on the other side of the street selling more than yours? At least once a week, walk around your rivals’ businesses (or visit their online stores) and discuss these issues:

  • What products does it offer?
  • What products other than yours sell?
  • How do you deliver your products? (Valid only for online stores)
  • What sales strategy do you use (discounts, gifts to regular customers, type of posters)?
  • Make this a habit and record your observations; In this way, you will surely learn some trick from your competition to increase your sales.

2. Gives access to a group:

This is a psychological sales strategy used in marketing: it is about making the customer see that if you buy your product, you will be part of an important group of people who also enjoy it.

Apple for example uses this strategy constantly: buy an iPhone, and you will be part of the popular people who have an iPhone. Buy an iPad, and you’ll be the one with the most advanced technology. Buy this, and you will be part of those who get X thing in life.

If you succeed in getting people to buy your items, feel part of a special group, you will create an irresistible desire for those products (and increase sales).

3. Talk to a customer beyond the sales process:

By this I mean that you have an honest conversation with at least one customer each day where you are willing to listen to him. Ask your sincere opinion about your store, what your articles seem like, what would improve it, what things you need in your day to day life, or what aspects you want to improve in your life.

So, in addition to creating a long-term relationship with your customer, you will discover opportunities to improve your business that otherwise you could not. Record each comment in detail by pointing them in an agenda, and write down the ideas that come up to increase your sales.

Do you have an online store? Send a small questionnaire by email after each sale to register your answers, or do surveys on your page or social networks.

4. Think of promotions (discounts offers):

Analyze the needs of your customers and your products, and think what promotion could increase your sales while you make your clientele happy. If they buy something, ask them what other product they would like to take; or observe what items you usually buy together to make a discount offer.

Use the information you get to make offers that customers find impossible to refuse.

5. Make the results of your products to your customers:

As soon as you enter your store, ask your customers for an image in your mind of how they might be taking advantage of your product to get the results they want , and what it would feel like to achieve it, when solving the problem they have, or the pleasure they It would give them where they want.

For example, if you have an appliance store, make them feel the thrill of having the TV you sell by imagining how much they would enjoy watching their favorite football team in a game, or a good movie with their partner, without worrying if the will break or fail at any time.

If you can paint an image saying ” imagine what it would be if you could have this already in your life ” talking about the outcome of your article, you will have a powerful selling tool.

6. Think of customers from other sectors:

In customer service it is vital to know what the consumer wants and give it at the time you want and with the quality you expect. But if you’ve perfected this, it’s time to also look for customers from other sectors than yours.

You may have to modify your product offer a bit, but it will increase your sales more.

For example, if you only sell children’s clothing, think about selling clothes for your moms as well. If you sell food, include some cooking utensils to prepare meals with those ingredients that you already sell.


7. Get testimonials from your customers:

When we want to buy or do something, we do not look for hours on the street or on the Internet: we ask our acquaintances. “What do you recommend me to do this? In what store did you buy this? Recommend me to a good mechanic; recommend me a good gym …”

We ask for opinions of places or products. And if you get testimonials from your satisfied customers , and put them on an advertisement, on your website, your Facebook, or get them to tell their friends, you make people trust more because other people already use your product and the Others see that they have good results.

So try to get real and positive testimonials about your articles or services, and you will see how this sales strategy increases your income.

8. Perform demonstrations:

Who does not like a free sample or try something before buying? This is a great way for more people to get to know you and to know how your services or products work and what their benefits are. Some tricks to get the most out of this are:

  • Analyze who are potential customers (not those who just want to live from free samples) to give them samples and not waste materials like this.
  • Make demonstrations on days that you have more customers in your business so that they see more people testing.

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