Creative Businesses for Artistic Entrepreneurs

Creative Businesses for Artistic Entrepreneurs

Creative Business for Artistic Entrepreneurs

Who says that starting your own venture has to be boring? Now there are more possibilities than ever to start creative businesses with which fun is guaranteed.

These companies are not only innovative and different from the others that already exist, they are also very profitable because customers today seek above all the originality in the products they buy.

So if you consider yourself an artist soul, and you are tired of seeing again and again the same ideas to undertake everywhere, here I share 12 creative businesses with which to exploit all your talent.

Most of them are really simple to start, and you will not need a penny to rip them off, you just have to put your imagination in motion to generate good income.

You no longer have an excuse to become your own boss!

12 creative businesses for enterprising souls

  1. Creation of comics:

    Artistic Entrepreneurs
    Creative Business for Artistic Entrepreneurs

The comics have had a great increase of public in the last years thanks to the great amount of films that have been done on superheroes left of these comic strips.

Since the year 2016, the number of copies sold worldwide has grown by 31%, so this is the best time to enter this market and make it your profession.

If you know this art, you are good at drawing and you know the type of narrative used in comics, you can dedicate yourself to create your own vignettes to sell them.

There are many ways to be successful in this sector, you can publish your comics through Amazon in digital format, or look for an editorial specialized in this genre to work with them.

Do you prefer to do it without intermediaries who take part of your profits? Open your own website or a Facebook page, create your comics in PDF format, and offer them to your visitors to buy directly from you.

Another good idea is to teach those people who want to learn how to draw comics.

You can teach them face-to-face by talking to a comic’s store where they leave you a space to teach your students.

Or if you do not want to move from home, a good idea is to teach through the Internet with programs like Skype, or creating online courses that you can sell on specific platforms such as Tutellus or Udemy.

  1. Custom books:

    Artistic Entrepreneurs
    Creative Business for Artistic Entrepreneurs

This is one of the creative businesses that have grown the most in recent years, since personalized books are unforgettable gifts for any type of occasion.

There are two ways you can do this, one of them is taking the history of a book already published, and changing details like the names that appear for those of the customers who ask you for that personalized book.

For example, there are parents who ask them to make a book about Alice in Wonderland, but instead of putting the name “Alice” in the pages; it is replaced by the name of their daughter.

If this one is called Maria, in the pages will say “Maria began to feel half asleep … “instead of the original text that would be “Alicia began to feel half asleep …”.

The second way to do this is by creating a completely original story based on the information your customers provide you.

Many couples who are going to get married ask for these types of personalized books and you’ll have to create the book with the data they give you, written with beautiful words that adorn that story.

In either case you must remember that your clients will have to give them a completely finished and bound book, so you will need to look for a printer where they do that work with quality but at a good price.

  1. Interpretation workshops:

    Artistic Entrepreneurs
    Creative Business for Artistic Entrepreneurs

Do you love theater and do you have the talent to act? Then creating your own business to give interpretation courses is the best option for you.

There are many people who want to become actors and actresses, and who need to give acting lessons to sharpen their skills.

But there are also people who like to attend these sites simply because it is their favorite hobby and because they want to have fun, not to dedicate them professionally to it.

For this business you will need a small place where your students can go to teach them what you know, although if you are going to offer small classes of no more than 4 or 5 students, the space you will need will not be very large.

  1. Classes of skateboarding:

    Creative Business for Artistic Entrepreneurs

While skating may just seem like a hobby, there are a lot of people who engage in (or want to) do this professionally.

In fact, in many countries there are official associations of skaters who help to encourage the construction of tracks and the organization of events for this sport.

So if you are an experienced skateboarder , or you are easy to ride on a scooter, teach skateboarding classes to children and adults who want to learn or improve this hobby.

It is a good idea to create a small school where you have both practical and theoretical classes, and also include important subjects such as accident prevention, which equipment should be used for safe skating, etc.

In the place where you go to give the classes you can place a small reception where you also sell equipment to do skateboarding and accessories, and thus to obtain greater income with this entrepreneurship.

  1. Printing objects in 3D:

This creative business consists of offering solid objects printing in three dimensions through a printer that transforms any digital model.

So that you understand better: that your customers take a simple photo (for example, the Eiffel Tower), and you can print it as a real object, as you can see in the video below.

Although a 3D printer is not cheap (the smallest is around $ 200), there are already models that can operate from home without having much technical knowledge, and simply connecting them to your computer.

You can offer all kinds of 3D objects that you can think of, from Smartphone cases, glass or ceramic mugs, or any object that you can think of and ask your buyers.

  1. Online Music Classes:

    Creative Business for Artistic Entrepreneurs

If you know how to play an instrument, a great way to earn a living is to teach music through the Internet.

You can give the classes “live” through Skype, provided you have a webcam with a good microphone for your students to listen to you, or create courses that afterwards you only have to go up to platforms like Tutellus to sell them.

Remember that in this venture it is likely that your customers are people who prefer to buy digital while browsing the Internet.

  1. Photographic Sessions for Pets:

    Creative Business for Artistic Entrepreneurs

This is one of the creative businesses in which you will have more fun if you like pets and also love photography.

Thanks to the smart phones that exist today we can take selfies with our dogs and cats anywhere.

But these types of photos are not the same, than those made by a professional with more care and beautiful details.

So if you have a good camera, and you are looking for an original venture, this is for you. You can do the sessions in your own studio, or go to the owners’ house to take the pictures they want with their pets.

As added value, you can offer your clients albums created with those images or even a fun video so you always remember your favorite furry friend.

  1. Organization of fantasy battles:

    Artistic Entrepreneurs
    Creative Business for Artistic Entrepreneurs

Every day, there are more fans who go crazy for TV series like Game of Thrones, movies like The Lord of the Rings, or video games like the Final Fantasy saga.

And all of them would love that in real life there were more places in which they could participate by putting on the costume of their hero – or their favorite villain, and fight in a simulated way against their enemies.

If you also like this world, and you are able to organize events of this type, create your own business of simulated fantasy battles.

You can do them in an enclosure, or better yet, outdoors for nature to serve as the real scenario.

Ideally, you plan battles with different themes to attract a larger number of customers, such as zombies against humans, medieval fights, fights with Star Wars laser sabers…

Remember that you must make a manifesto with clear rules for the attendees so that there is no incident of any kind.

To generate income with this venture, you can charge the entrance to everyone who wants to participate in exchange for you who organize the battles, and sell all kinds of merchandising on these occasions to make your profits even greater.

  1. Shooting tours and conventions:

    Creative Business for Artistic Entrepreneurs

Do you like to travel and interact with other people? Here is the ideal business for you.

Organize visits to different events such as concerts, movie premieres, business conventions or series. You can even create tours to cities and buildings where important movies were shot, such as visiting London to see where Harry Potter was made, or the Narcos series in Colombia. Start with events within your own country, and you can gradually expand to international visits for tourists who are interested in this type of travel.

  1. Retouch photos:

    Artistic Entrepreneurs
    Creative Business for Artistic Entrepreneurs

This is a venture that has been working for some time, but with which you can be very creative if you propose.

And all you need to start is your graphic design skills, and some program like Photoshop to create or modify the images.

Your clients will send you pictures indicating what they want you to modify, and you should only make the changes with your computer to get paid for it.

A more artistic return to this type of company is that you design yourself original posters and pictures that you can sell on sites like Etsy, your blog, or your own Facebook page or Instagram.

  1. Creating Series and Movie Objects:

    Creative Business for Artistic Entrepreneurs

The world of television generates huge amounts of money both with the broadcasts, and with the products that are sold from the series and movies.

Many people watching their favorite shows think “I would love to have a necklace like that “, “I wish I could buy that shield.” And this is where you come in to satisfy your desires.

If you get good craftsmanship, create series objects and movies that are now in fashion for fans unconditional of those television products.

You can make for example dragon eggs, Spiderman or Batman keyrings, Star Trek stamped photo cushions, brooches with anime character images…

  1. Making of costumes:

    Artistic Entrepreneurs
    Creative Business for Artistic Entrepreneurs

Forget about the idea that costumes are only sold on Halloween or at Carnival: all year long there are millions of people who buy them at any time.

Now there are themed birthday parties where you have to go disguised, conventions, meetings of series admirers and films in which your visitors put on costumes of their favorite characters.

So take this opportunity, and if you have talent for design and sewing, set up your own costume company.

This can be done online, selling your clothes through your website or Facebook, or renting a place where you show your best creations for all lovers of costumes.


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