Banquet Business:How to set up a banquet business

Banquet Business:How to set up a banquet business

If you love gastronomy and enjoy cooking delicious dishes, you have certainly considered turning these activities into your way of life and setting up a banquet business, a type of business that has very diverse potential clients from couples or families to organizations and companies that demand a banquet service at your events. It is also called catering.


Refreshments for events :

Arming combos in which you include sandwiches, baguettes, sandwiches, gelatin, energy bars, juices, water, condiments, sweets for children’s parties, congresses, school programs or congresses of various kinds.

Sandwiches :

banquet Ideal for receptions and corporate or family parties, you can handle several presentations, each with an average of 20 to 40 pieces between canapes and sandwiches. Or the tables of cold meats and cheeses, accompanied by a variety of wines. Continue reading: 7 Tips to reduce expenses in entrepreneurship

Typical snacks :

There are typical delicacies of the region that are very appreciated in any event, you can combos weapons and offer them.

Pastry Gourmet:

Between cookies, cakes, traditional or healthy desserts, baking is a pleasure to enjoy the most special moments. Whether for events or to sell in restaurants or coffee shops.

Thematic menus :

banquet To celebrate those traditional dates such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Love and Friendship, Children, Baptisms, Marriages, Christmas, among others. Make your creativity fly with the dishes and decoration to choose!

These are some ideas that we suggest for banquet services. However, keep in mind that you have the ability to innovate with new delicious dishes or inventing your own recipes and combos, with your personal stamp. Starting you can choose one or two lines and as your business grows to increase your production. The important thing is that you keep the quality of it.


The kitchen :

The interesting thing in business related to gastronomy is that you can start them at home. Making some adjustments and as soon as you can, assume the costs of a local. It is also important that you think about standardizing the processes of food preparation measuring ingredients and times, that will serve as a point of reference when paying for it.

Space is important because you must have enough to move comfortably and safely. Maybe you should reform it to include industrial elements such as a range hood, stove, oven, refrigerator, freezer, blenders and the like. As well as the kitchen utensils and accessories for each event (crockery, cutlery).

Transportation :

Additionally, as the banquet service is provided externally, it is important to have a vehicle, which in the beginning can be rented per trip if you do not have the budget for your own. Of course, you must verify that it is optimal for the transport of food. Because the food is very susceptible to contamination easily even with strong odors and hygiene until the last minute is essential.

Staff :

banquet You may need help from kitchen aides and waiters for the event as such. Advise yourself how is the subject of the hiring for this type of situations, according to the legislation of your country.

The service :

It is one of the most crucial issues when setting up a business. In this case, banquets or catering, as it requires direct contact with customers. So the deal should be as tactful as possible, with the best attitude and Above all, with a very precise schedule compliance. Because there is nothing more effective than mouth-to-mouth advertising.

The promotion :

“Food enters through the eyes,” says a popular adage. So you can put together a presentation through a portfolio with printed or digital images. So that your potential customers know your products. You can also include them in social networks that are also an effective means of advertising, nowadays.

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