5 ways to make money with your mobile phone

5 ways to make money with your mobile phone

Although almost always its benefits and benefits pay what it cost, the amount invested in your mobile phone can be large if we take into account the initial price of the device and monthly payments by contract with the operator. However, this equipment is so multi functional that it can even make you earn money.

Here we give 5 tips to earn money on your mobile phone

# 1 Sell your photos:

mobile phoneThrough an application called Foap, available for free for Android and Apple, you can show photographs to different companies. If any of these decides that your photo is used to sell your product or service, you are done. From pictures of your pet to photos of your holiday or a meal can be served, there is also no limit to the number of photos uploaded and for each sale, you receive $ 5. Even to have the greater possibility you can participate in the missions of Foap in which big brands pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in order to get specific photos. So if you have a mobile phone that makes good pictures … get to work! Continue reading: 10 Business ideas without money that you can start today

# 2 Do small tasks and get great benefits:

These small tasks can include everything from taking pictures to a store’s newly arranged display case, arranging products on a shelf, and even involving your living room. The idea is to download an app called Field Agent (free for Apple and Android ) and create a profile. You can start by taking pictures of your pet or the brand of beer you drink. Once the application approves you can do real jobs that pay between 2 and 12 dollars and although it might not be much. If you are already in the store or request something that is already in your home, it is not necessary to do it.

Payments arrive via PayPal or Dwolla so you will need an account in one of these systems. The application claims to have canceled about 4.5 million dollars to its “field agents”. Some of that money can be yours if you activate with this app.

# 3 Get money from your purchases:

mobile phoneIt’s free for Android and Apple and with this app, you get immediate discounts on the items you buy. This is Ibotta that can be used in stores like Walmart, Target, Kroger, Safeway, Costco, Sams Club, among others. The important fact is that it also works in online stores like Amazon and other retail stores and you can accompany it with coupons and discount vouchers for additional savings. The money you receive from Ibotta can be transferred to your bank account through PayPal or Venmo. You can also convert it into Amazon Gift Cards, Best Buy, Starbucks, iTunes and other places where you like to buy. It sounds like very good to be true, right? but it works and it is the sixteenth most used application in the United States.

# 4 Get your expenses reimbursed:

If you are traveling for work and you need to store invoices for reimbursement of expenses, Expensify app is for you. It is a free application, which you can download through Android and Apple and is able to create direct reports from the photo of a receipt. You can keep a record of expenses and mileage through GPS or with an image of the kilometer counter of the vehicle. The application also makes a link to your bank account or credit card for transactions that have no receipt and can even generate electronic receipts endorsed by the internal tax service. It is compatible with most accounting software for reporting that may include PDF formats.

# 5 Earn money for giving your opinion:

mobile phoneThe market research company Ipsos uses a service called i-Say and looks for people who can give opinions on different topics from the quality of a product to government policies. By subscribing you will receive notifications by email with surveys on a wide range of topics. In fact, an average of 8 surveys per month and you can also check the website through your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

For each survey, you complete you will earn points that can be exchanged for Gift Cards or products from several retailers and you will also be participating in raffles that reward travel abroad, televisions, iPads, Gift Cards, among others.

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