Mobile phones are about so much more than calling

We now use our mobile phones for so much more than calling. It’s had any very unlikely that Martin Cooper and Dr Joel Engels, the primary movers in inventing the mobile phone, had any idea that their mission to be the first to create the working phone would result in what we had today. They were just pleased it worked.

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As the years rolled by, the use of the cordless phone stayed pretty much the same. It made calls, and you could receive them. That was pretty much all it could be. People were, on the whole, actually, pretty happy with that. When the technology allowed for better battery and better signal strength, the mobile really began to come into its own.

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This was just the beginning of the phone. Next came the ability to text. This was a revolution in communication and even spawned a pseudo-language of abbreviations and phrasing. Then there were the games and apps. To start with, the introduction of a calculator or currency converter was seen as astounding. With the coming of games to the phone, it went positively stratospheric.

Now that the internet is available on our phones, it’s a wonder we even use them to call at all. The incorporation of social media platforms, music and even more complicated games has meant that the phone is a permanent addition to our lives. Cooper and Engels must watch on in awe at the achievements their inventions have taken. Getting a new one could not be easier. Finding a Vodafone Store Ireland based operations is a simple as clicking on

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