What excuse do you have for not start a business?

What excuse do you have for not start a business?

Anyone should start a business at least once!

The first time I wanted to do it I was only seventeen and I gave up everything … now I would like to go back.

The most powerful voice in our lives is the one found in our head, whether it is to want to be a singer or a professional pooper. However, if you are thinking of having to do everything by yourself to start an activity, your little voice is probably bombarding you with excuses so you should drop everything before you even start.

Here are the most frequent excuses your brain will use about you and why you should ignore them …

“It has already been done before”

This does not mean that you cannot do it better, in fact, improving the work of others is often the springboard for true innovation. Just because it’s already done, doesn’t mean you can’t build a better business.

Google was not the first search engine, as Facebook was not the first social network to be successful and Starbucks the first thousandth coffee in the world: yes, everyone managed to succeed.

“I have no time”

If you have time to waste reading this list, you also have time for your dreams. John Grisham (the member) started his career writing during short breaks in court, so if you want to succeed with your business, you will have to become a master of time management: create it.

“Nobody understands my idea”

Perhaps the problem is that everyone understands it better than you; if you have to defend the merits of your product to anyone who hears about it, then think about it. If people do not understand your idea, it will be your pleasure to ask them for feedback and make changes, rather than being defensive. Use user feedback to improve your product or service! 30

“I’m scared”

If sometimes you are not afraid, it means that you are not doing everything. Entrepreneurs are often afraid, but who isn’t? Fear is a good thing, as it keeps you alert, but at the same time it doesn’t allow you to stop in reaching your dreams.

“It’s too hard”

In this you are right, it is difficult, which is why you feel relieved and happy when you succeed. One piece of advice is to divide the big difficult tasks into sub-categories, so as to make them easier and more manageable and the whole process will seem less heavy to you. Most things are difficult! If it had been easy, anyone would have done it.

start a business

“I’m short of funds”

Many entrepreneurs before you have already had to deal with this problem. There’s money out of here, you just have to find it; surely you will not find him standing in an office and feeling guilty! Talk to your friends and relatives about an investment in your business, or search for other informal investors!

“I don’t have a partner”

I don’t want to lie to you, so I’ll tell you that many times it’s good to have a partner, but it’s not the only way to start a business. Think of it this way, without a partner, you can make decisions faster, without having to talk to someone or wait for the other’s share.

“I don’t want to fail”

Nobody wants it, but it is necessary, remember:

You would not take much account of what people think of you, if only you knew how rarely they talk about it.

Successful entrepreneurs often make mistakes and the key to success is to fail often and improve.

“I don’t have the appropriate qualities to do it”

Maybe you don’t have them today, but you can always learn and even if you don’t know how to do something, remember that there are people who know it: find them and ask them for help! There is nothing wrong with letting someone else be your mentor.

“I have no good idea”

Okay, use someone else’s, Thomas Edison has made a career like that. Some people have brilliant ideas, but they cannot market them or carry them out properly. Your smartphone is an example of how one company after another has improved their ideas in order to sell more of their work.

“I’m not sure my ideas are ready for the market”

The best way to find out is to put yourself in the hands of people: if it doesn’t work you will have to change them, if it works you will get rich and if you can put the success in your pocket, you will have won!

“The world is not ready for my idea”

You can test it on social networks, forums and vis-à-vis meetings with people to see if the world is ready for your idea. Don’t take anything for granted, but do tests: do you talk to people? How do they respond? Do you have evidence that these people are not ready or is it just you that thinks so?

“I am more a mental person than I practice”

If you are a mental person you are an idealistic entrepreneur, one who is full of ideas and always lacking execution: if you want to change your position as an idealist, take the situation in hand!

“There is too much competition”

The competition is your friend, because it means that there is money to be made; it will make your business better, so don’t run away, look for it! It is a form of approval and recalls that any new activity that enters the market has some competition.

“I don’t know anyone who runs a business”

Knowing someone who manages an activity is not an obligation and you can overcome this problem by asking your relatives and friends to make presentations, I bet you will get many! Connecting with some other entrepreneur will help you learn valuable tips both in business and in life.

“I’m too old to start a business”

Please! There are so many people who started late …

Here are some examples:

  • Vera Wang entered the fashion world at 40 years old
  • Henry Ford was 45 years old when he created the Model T
  • Ray Kroc was 52 when he bought McDonald’s
  • Colonel Sanders was 62 when he made the KFC franchise

“It’s too risky”

It is true that business is risky, but you can minimize risk. In reality, successful entrepreneurs can do it great: you could start working on your part-time business, while working on your full or part-time job.

You can save money before starting a business to make sure you can pay taxes when the time comes. Plan everything calmly and develop a strategy, working harder and with more intelligence – you should also have the right insurance!

“The moment is not the best”

Have you ever thought about when the best time to start a business could be? The most important thing to know about time is that there is never a perfect moment, so any timing is fine: if you wait to be ready you will never do anything!

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