How to Defend your home, medieval style

Have you ever considered getting some security measures to protect your home? Perhaps it’s time we took a leaf out of our medieval ancestor’s house and looked to use some of their “tried and tested” ways of making sure thieves and attackers didn’t get in and steal the family silver. Here are a few of the measures they used.

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  1. Dig a moat. The practicalities of this in a modern estate might be hard to achieve. Firstly, your neighbours might have a few comments. Maybe you could say it’s a water feature? A drawbridge is required to gain access to and from the front door, and if you own a car, it might need to be a big one. Not a suitable option for someone in a semi detached or terraced house (unless the neighbours agree it’s a great idea).
  2. Install murder holes. Not as dramatic as it sounds. These are medium-sized holes that you’d cut in the ceiling of the floor above the doorway. You can then drop stuff like rocks, arrows, or hot oil, if you can afford it, on any unwanted visitor. Be advised that the Police might take a dim view of this approach and deem it excessive force.

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  1. Slot windows. Too thin for people to see in but large enough for you to fire an arrow or crossbow out of. The lack of windowpane might make it a bit drafty in the wintertime.

A much better idea would be to speak to CCTV Cheltenham based company for less intrusive and less lethal methods.




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