What are some of the most common allergies

Allergies are extremely common, but in some cases they can become so severe that they are life threatening. This is what happens during an anaphylactic shock. The body starts to shut down the airways close off, making it difficult and in some cases impossible for the person to breathe.

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These types of reactions usually come on within minutes if being exposed to the allergen. People who have been diagnosed with a severe allergy will often carry an EpiPen. In order to know how to use one of these in an emergency situation you should attend Emergency First Aid Training Courses like the ones available from tidaltraining.co.uk/emergency-first-aid-training-courses.

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Some of the most common allergies that people experience are:

  • Grass and tree pollen – this is experienced as hay fever or allergic rhinitis
  • Dust mites and other flakes of skin and hair such as pet fur
  • Foods – some of the most common include milk, eggs, wheat, shellfish and nuts
  • Insect stings and bites – the most common being wasps and bees
  • Medicines – usually in the form of antibiotics such as penicillin and also ibuprofen and aspirin
  • Materials such as latex that is found in balloons, gloves and condoms

The main symptoms of an allergic reaction include sneezing, runny or blocked nose, coughing and wheezing , itchy rashes and itchy, watery eyes. In mild cases these symptoms can often be alleviated by using antihistamines.


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